Juvederm Lips and Sclerederma - Verona, NJ

For anyone with sclerederma and the disease is not...

For anyone with sclerederma and the disease is not active juvederm lips was the best thing I ever did. It was simple and I love the results with no side effects whatsoever. I needed almost 2 syringes to get the results I wanted. For me it only lasts about 5 months and can get very expensive . I wish the insurance company would cover it.


Please excuse my ignorance, because I know very little about Scleroderma, do you mind me asking how it specifically affected your lips?

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It's an autoimmune disease that effects the skin(tightens) and causes thinning of the lips

Oh, I can see how Juvederm would be a good thing to consider then. So glad yours has turned out so well. :)

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