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S I am in my 10 day recovery period feeling better...

s I am in my 10 day recovery period feeling better but I am now noticing yucky bumps on my arms and I feel pregnant sitting a chair. How can I get rid of these bumps will they go away. my boyfriend has been a pain in the ass and made mr feel like a loser for doing this as he says the lazy way out he says i could have gone to the gym and got the same results. So again 10 days in and seen only a little bit difference.


Star gazer, you are in that "oh crap was this worth it phase"... I am on day 7 and very swollen...even though I knew to expect this, it doesn't make it any less depressing. Patience patience....there really is no way to get skinny over night. I agree with swilliams that you should ignore your boyfriend (or kick is a$$ to the curb) and confide with people who can sympathize with you. I've told many more people about this surgery than I had originally planned to, and it's bc everyone has been so accepting of it. Do your close friends know about it? I bet you can find someone else close to you who would be super supportive.

Most people seem to have their swelling peak on days 10-12 and the majority of the seeking doesn't resolve for at least 3 weeks. Patience patience.
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some people on this sitenhadnswelling for 2 months before they saw a difference. Ignoree your bf and come here to this site for encouragement and help!
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It will take about three months for you to see the true results, so be patient. My husband was very upset and kicked up a big fuss when I had my procedures done, so I know how you feel. Remember, you are doing this for yourself and nobody else. Your boyfriend needs to lay off with the remarks.
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