Wrinkling of Lower Eyelids After an UPPER Blepharoplasty?? - Ventura, CA

It was a deep, aggressive upper bleph. Just wanted...

It was a deep, aggressive upper bleph. Just wanted a younger, refreshed look. I didn't look bad, actually always looked younger for my age as people were always surprised I wasn't in my early 40's! But am not willing to age if I don't have to. I am 51.

Now the lower skin around my eyes has very deep wrinkles when I smile making me look 15 years older. I didn't have these before.

Please tell me this will go away soon -- it's embarrassing to look so bad after a procedure that is to make you look younger, especially when you have to go to work and be around hundreds of colleagues. Not one person has said it looks good. Losing my confidence.

Can you have severe lower eyelid wrinkling after only having an upper blepharoplasty? two weeks ago.

Hi It's now 1-2011 and I must say there are no...

Hi It's now 1-2011 and I must say there are no second thoughts on having my procedure done. It was so worth it I had a mini facelift as well. I will post a picture, but for me... only for me, it was well worth the pain and discomfort. Alls well that ends well.

I don't think it is doctor that caused this issue with my eyes. She did a wonderful breast reduction on me 4 mths ago and I have the most perfect perky breasts! The eyes -- maybe I tried too much...

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Thanks for posting an update, CA-Deb. Glad to hear everything worked out for you!

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Thanks you guys. I tried to download a newer picture in the same light, same angle but just don't know how to make it show up. I appreciate the feedback. My eyes look better, but I'm looking into botox this coming Monday.
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Hi Nurdreams,

There's an "Edit" link towards the top of your review (you must be signed in for it to appear). Click it and you can add more photos. They'll take a few hours to show up but then you're all set!

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I agree.... I think your surgery also looks great! Remember, you are only talking 2 weeks post op. My plastic surgeon says even though the majority of swelling goes away in a couple of weeks, it may take several months for the entire eye area to 'calm' down. Also, the photos you show for comparison are taken in different lighting situations, angles and distances. Your 'new' eyes look so much more refreshed :) Give it a little time!
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I think your upper eye lid surgery went well and you look great. I have read when you have an upper eye lid surgery or any upper facial procedure, it makes the other half of your face appear older, more aged.Makes sence. These wrinkles could have always been here, but not as pronounced until you had your upper lids done. Then again, I've also read when surgery and manipulation of tissue is done on one area, it can affect the appearance of another. I agree to give it time. I don't think it looks that bad, and because you know your face better than anyone it appears to be more pronounced to you. Maybe something as little as fat injections or fillers can help with this if it doesn't correct itself. Good luck
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Wow. That's interesting. The Before picture though is hard to see details of what the skin around your eyes looked like. I do see some deeper wrinkles around your lower lids. If they persist after time, I would go back to your surgeon to get them to check for you. I also would NOT recommend going to the same person for your breasts AND eyes. Go to a SPECIALIST who only focuses on one thing. Breasts OR Face OR Eyes.
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I thought I had more bags after the upper bleph. I think it is because both areas are connected. You should give it some time. Try drinking a lot of water. I thought that helped me. Also get at least eight hours sleep. You probably give your colleagues more credit. I dont think they will notice. Incidentally my husband cannot tell the difference, only from the before and after photographs.
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