Velasmooth Worked Amazingly

I just had my 4th Velasmooth treatment on thighs...

I just had my 4th Velasmooth treatment on thighs and buttocks. I started 6 weeks ago. The results on me have been more than I hoped for! My doctor's technician who does the Velasmooth says some people get no results. It appears that if you are toned or have hard firm fat on the thighs and buttocks, you won't lose your cellulite by Velasmooth. All that will happen is you will lose inches in that area. BUT if you have loose flabby jiggly jello thighs like me, then WOW, it firms up those thighs better than any workout program! You must go to a technician that knows that getting the skin to look red during treatment makes the best result. Let me warn you though: the first couple of treatments hurt like H*LL! Take the strongest pain medication you have before you go and maybe a Valium. The bruising the first time is awful (worse than liposuction even). But believe me or not, the pain goes away and you get used to it! The tech says she's seen this happen a million times before. The bruising and pain go away after the first 3 treatments. (If you have no bruising or pain, then you probably won't see results.) I go to Dr. {edited} in Irvine on Sand Canyon in the OC, California. I'm totally happy with the results. In just 4 treatments I've improved so much. I went from saggy to pretty darn smooth. Incredible! And I haven't worked out at all. No exercise at all. $1,700 for 8 treatments. Editor note: you must be contacted privately with doctor recommendations and feedback. Readers should click on your username to reach the private contact form.
I have had 2 so far on my thighs and they are jelloee and I have started seeing results after the 2nd treatment and I have 2 more, at least to go. I have zero pain and find it very relaxing, like an hour long deep tissue massage and I have had zero bruising and I think I am going to love the final results and already plan on doing periodic maintenance. I did the Vela Shape.
How often do you go for the treatments? In other words, did you go once a week for six weeks or did you do all six in a shorter period of time?
I have had 6 VelaShape treatments and have seen miraculous results! The bruising and pain is minimal and you do get used to it as the treatments progress. I would recommed VelaShape to anyone needing cellulite reduction or body re-countouring and doesn't want to go through the pain of surgery. It was over a year since I had VelaSmooth (the older technology) and it has lasted until recently when I gained a few extra pounds. VelaShape is WONDERFUL!!
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