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Just Had my 3rd Treatment Last Night

I just finished my first treatment--took about 45...

I just finished my first treatment--took about 45 minutes...Hurt like nothing could ever imagine. i figure, if it hurts, it must be working.

I don't work out and I am not toned at all. I'm 5'4 and 125 lbs. My consultant told me that i should do six treatments. I think it is pretty pricey, but I'm going away January 10 to Mexico--I want to be able to wear my bathing suit.

I thought i was going to cry when she was doing the outsides of my thighs. All of these other reviews are saying that nothing improved, but I think and hope this will work.

My technician waited until the area was really red and hot. Supposedly, that is the way you will get results. I hope it works out for me. My next treatment is next Tuesday so I will let you know what happens then.

The technician did recommend that I take some type of pain killer before hand--that is how much it hurt me. Hope this is kinda helpful.

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 As of now, I don't see any extreme results;...

 As of now, I don't see any extreme results; kinda of disappointing.  I do however don't notice a certain "dimple" that i used to have. 

I took a vicoden before going in this time. I usually find it really painful but after taking the painkiller, I didn't feel ANYTHING.  It actually did feel like a massage this time. The technician was surprised because everything was on high settings right from the beginning.

Only problem was she was done in 25 minutes-- I didn't think that was right.  Each time I've gone, I've had a different technician and each one does it differently.  Is that supposed to happen?  I would think with something like this, consistency would be key.  I called to let the manager know that the treatment was short and she said she would give me an extra treatment for free.

I still have my head up though and hope this works.  Everytime i am there, I am reminded by the technicians that this is not supposed to get rid of cellulite, it is just supposed to smooth out the appearance of it.  My next treatment is Monday-- treatment #4... I will keep you all posted.


I just had my 4th treatment. I also purchased a VelaShape package and got one free so I'm doing double on my abdomen - which is very saggy. I am 54 years old, 5'2", 173 lbs. (just lost 11 - very hard work for me!). My concern is that I have different technicians and they each have their own way of applying VelaShape. I am not sure if that is okay or not. Do you have any info on that? I am keeping a positive attitude and do not read the negative comments that get posted. I only read the ones that are helpful and encouraging. Keep up the good work - I am sure we made the right decision. Also, the first treatment was excrutiating for me. Then, the others actually felt good!
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I just read several of the commons listed and I am scheduled for my FIRST treatment on Wednesday; purchased a package at a discounted price which includes buy one package of treatments, get the second FREE. So I am doing my thighs and stomach (4 sessions for free for the stomach). I am 5'3" weigh 144 lbs. and have some sagging and ripple thighs, oh, I'm 52 years old. Have I made the right decision? Not sure if I want to subject myself to a lot of pain...
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