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I hadnydirstsession today and I can say that it...

I hadnydirstsession today and I can say that it can be uncomfortable and I have avein that popped out on the back of my hip today after the treatment..... Is this suppose to do that?! That was never given to me as a risk and if it were I never would have done it. I'm insecure about it as it is.


It's too soon to tell yet about the changes of cellulite.

I think it's more like a spider vein, but not really... it's deep purple, under the skin, and its about 2 inches in length. There aren't as many vessels sprawling from it as I have seen in spider veins. I have no other veins like this anywhere on my body. I have a lot of pronounced big green veins around my feet and ankles that I hate, but I was an athelete so I've learned to live with them. I was pretty shocked when this one appeared. I'm not overweight, 5'7" and 133 lbs and no children so there's really been no external stresses to create them.

That's odd about the vein. Keep an eye on it for sure, and it would probably be a good idea to let your doctor/clinic know about its appearance just to be safe.

Keep us posted on how you are doing and what changes you see!!

Probably with such veins you should avoid anything that sucks or makes a too strong massage. It is obviously not a spider vein. I don't think that it is a normal thing. Did you continue? Didn't they offer you laser treatment (free) to remove the dilated vein?

I had just one treatment of velashape and my legs...

I had just one treatment of velashape and my legs and buttocks are now plagued with spider veins. I had to fight with the facility to get my money and they still deny that it was cause. The first vein appeared immediately after treatment and the rest of the showed up after a few days once the skin settled. Heed the bad reviews people... they're there for a reason. I also think that it made the cellulite look worse after a few weeks.
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I don't feel like I was given a full list of risks and I would not have done it.

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