Vela is a Waste of $$$ - Barrie, ON

I actually only paid around $150 by purchasing a...

I actually only paid around $150 by purchasing a Groupon 86% off deal to try 6 Vela treatments valued at $1500 dollars. First the spa links to a "Doctors" video that says that Vela is the non-surgical lipo-suction but the machine on the video is NOTHING at all like the toy-looking hand held "ultrasound" thing they use at the spa.

Also, you need 12 to 15 treatments apparently to see any results. I will never know as I won't return for my final two sessions as the Spa itself is the most ridiculous, unprofessional "spa" I have ever encountered. Announcing the treatments of every client to the waiting room, less than 5 minute sessions and clearly un-informed staff make it a complete waste of time and money.

Wow, I can't believe - how it is possible "less than 5 min" sessions? I see now a deal on DealFind that Mississauga Wellness offers a deal $79 for 3 30-min sessions... I was thinking to buy one or 3... or may be 5 (5 vouchers per person - maximum you can buy)... If you had 5 min sessions, than all 6 sessions are 30 min - this sounds like nonsense... I see people have 40-45 min sessions... That spa in Barrie looks like a very bad place...
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