Vela- Rip off

I wish that I had read these reviews before...

I wish that I had read these reviews before wasting my time and money, but maybe I can help at least one person from making the same mistake.

I've had 4 velashape treatments on my thighs and butt for cellulite and I don't see any improvement at all. I am going in for a free treatment tomorrow because the doctor knows I'm not happy and doesn't see any improvement either, but I don't expect to see any change. I guess I'm just hoping for a miracle. If that happens, I'll let you know.

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It might help to do something that my dr recommended for me beforehand. She said load up on electrolyte water. The machine works better that way. I lost two inches in one go. Good luck!
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I am dreading my second session because for some reason the pain for me was so intense!! I have a strong threshhold for pain (uterine rupture survivor) but I almost fainted but I think it depends where you get the procedure done on your body as some spots may be more sensitive than others. Just be careful where you get it done, I signed up for 4 sessions and it came out to about 1200
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