Feels Good - No Real Benefit . . .

I have tried this procedure to correct problems...

I have tried this procedure to correct problems created by a horrible Liposuction procedure that was supposed to correct small fat deposits on my hips and abdomen.  Huge promises were made by the manufacturer of this machine and also the clinics performing the treatment.   Velashape is nothing more than a warm massage.

I am 5'6" 120lbs with ugly ridges on my stomach left by a horrible Liposuction procedure - I have left a review of that Doctor on this site - so, in general I have very low body fat and am in great shape overall.  I was told by a represerntatives from both the manufacurer, Syneron, and also employees of American Laser Centers (the largest provider of this procedure) that Velashape was going to "fix it all."  Well, the results are minimal at best, it feels great until the practitioner burns you while persistently trying to prove the lasers' benefits.  OMG!  If I won't see a real result, who will?

I do NOT recommend this product to thin people - the people it is supposed to help the most.  Three times I have had my skin burned - one time the burns formed blisters!!!!!  I have had no visible fat reduction, no skin tightening, and no benefits.  It was a huge waste of my money - much like Thermage.  Another laser hopeful filled with empty promises and zero results.

Oh and by the way, if American Laser Centers tries to sell you their miracle cellulite cream - RUN AWAY!!!!

I went to a doctor in Temecula that did ultrasonic lipo - it was not terribly expensive but has really corrected the problem. His name is Dr. Sarosy - he is a great doctor. I have also had mesotherapy in addition to it - my stomach is not perfect but is 90% better than it was . . .
Wow! Glad I read your blog. I too have some awful ridges/dimples and loose skin from lipo. So what should we do to correct the problem. I am desperate! I like you am in great shape, of course besides my abdomen. Im considering Velashape, but now I am nervous about spending the money....
I am not sure I should've started vela on my abdomen. What if it doesn't work at all? Any way to hold them accountable for thousands of dollars of false hope? YIKES. Please let me know what you did. Thanks.
American Laser Centers

American Laser Centers is a ripoff joint that is all about the money and cares nothing for their patients.

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