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Question all...please help...I did my first...

Question all...please help...I did my first treatment it was so painful and lasted 19 minutes? Am I getting rooked?

I work in a Medical Spa in Cleveland, TN. I use the VelaShape on our clients... some people heat up quicker than others, but unless you had a VERY small area done, it should have lasted at least 30, if not an hour. The pain will go away as the cellulite and fat deposits shrink.
The VelaShape treatments take approximately 25 min for an area the size of an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. The original question posted was dated June 30, 2007. This most likely would be with the VelaSmooth device. The VelaShape wasn't FDA approved until about August 2007, and actual release of the VelaShape to most providers didn't occur until Sept-Oct 2007. If it was the old VelaSmooth treatment it would actually take about 30% longer than a VelaShape treatment, and it would require around 10 treatments. The VelaShape treatment now take around 4 or 5 treatments. For more information about the differences between VelaSmooth and VelaShape, see my answer to the question about VelaSmooth vs VelaShape differences. If the operator of the VelaSmooth or VelaShape takes too little time, doesn't focus on the treatment, or uses incorrect settings, then you will get poor results (hence the 9 reports of bad results on this site). In studies where the providers know what they are doing, the success and satisfaction rate should be 90-99%. (these people need to join this site to share their positive experiences) So for the original question, 19 minutes is too short for the old VelaSmooth treatment. Even with the VelaShape, it should have been a minimum of about 20-25 min for 1 area. Perhaps the sensitivity of the client to the treatment caused them to cut the treatment short? Thanks John Shieh, MD
It should not hurt if you are being treated by someone who knows what they are doing. i work with velashape and i know that it works and isn't painful. today i had my first treatment... i actually waited until after i saw results on patients. i lost an inch in one treatment- on each thigh. that's definitely more than any of our patients have lost, so that's good for me. but no, it shouldn't take only 19 minutes. yesterday we did a woman's thighs, front and back, and it took us 2 hours. she was in no pain, although a little bored maybe;).
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