Vein Removal Left Dark Purple Mark at Incision Site [ 2 1/2 Mos. Old]

I had a vein behind my right calve removed and I...

I had a vein behind my right calve removed and I now have blackish-purple mark ,the size of a nickle,at one of the three incision sites. The surgery is 2 1/2 mos. old. Does amyone know what might cause this or what can be done? The doctor says he's never seen this before.Is this permanent? It's more noticable than the vein ever was.

Hi, can you tell me where you went for this. I live in the Chicago area and need to get some work done and want to avoid any less than optimal places. Thanks!!
These will fade. I had several veins surgically removed a 10 months ago, and the scars are now totally gone. I am very fair skinned and scar easily. Stay out of the sun, and away from tanning beds, as this will make the scar darker for longer. If I ever have to do the procedure again, I would do it in the autumn so the scars could fade over wintertime.
I too had laser surgery on both legs over 3 years ago to remove varicose veins. I still have "bruising" over my incision sites. Although it appears that they are finally lightening up, but still very noticeable. Have considered looking into laser treatment to see if that might help. Wondering if you've found any answers. Thanks.
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The discomfort caused by the vein is gone, although the purple/black mark hasn't faded.

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