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I just had inner and outter thights (06/29). Next...

I just had inner and outter thights (06/29). Next Friday (07/08) im having my abs done. Im not that big 114 now (116 before the procedure) and 5'0 tall. I just had big hips for my height.

The dr removed about 800cc. I see already 1 inch off oround each leg, i know its been only 3 days, but i wonder if i will see better results than that. I know its too early to tell. I can still feel like liquified fat inside, and my insitions are still draining a little bit. I wonder if that fat will disapear or will stay. I wonder if excersise will help get rid of it or if the body will absorved it.

I will post some pictures later...

Thanks for sharing your story, lindaslindas. Looking forward to seeing your pictures!

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