Vaser Lipo on stomach, hips, flanks, and inner and outer thighs next week. SUPER Nervous - Any Advice? - Reston, VA

I'm 37 years old, weigh about 135 lbs. and I...

I'm 37 years old, weigh about 135 lbs. and I am scheduled to have Vaser Lipo on May 23rd, 2012. I am scheduled to have my stomach, hips, flanks, inner and outer thighs done all on the same day. Is this too much? I'm so worried that I am doing too much at once and if all of it is really worth it at all.

How much down time will I need and how long does the bruising and swelling last? With summer right around the corner, will I be able to wear a swimsuit (full piece- after having kids I gave up bikinis years ago lol)?

2 weeks post op today. HAPPY and pleased!!!!
So much for just feeling like I worked out real hard! I am now 3 days post op and although as of right now I am pleased with the results, the procedure was a lot more painful than what I was told. I am very swollen and bruised and I am ready to throw the compression garment across the room. Not sure how I am going to bare wearing this thing for three weeks!! So glad I did take off a week from work because I am going to need at least that to recover. I will update more in a few days...
Yes and I have my pre-op appointment tomorrow. I have a whole list thinks to ask. Luckily he is putting me to sleep for the procedure.
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