I Wouldnt Recommend Because the Claims Are False.

I went to get my back fat (bra area and midback...

I went to get my back fat (bra area and midback fat) and triceps done. Its been 2 days and I still see a roll in my midback. My arms still are humongous and I have read you are supposed to see results the same day. I also have heard that you are supposed to pay 1k for any touch ups. I absolutely refused to pay extra for something they should have done in the first place. I have a follow up on Tuesday and I will complain about this or ask for a refund for whatever they didnt do or need to complete. Currently I wouldnt recommend them because my arms are all lumpy too and I am embarrassed to go outside yet.

did they offer to re-do it at no charge? I just had my abs and flanks done friday, and i know i'm still wollen but I think more could have been taken out. I don't want to pay more money for a job that should have been done right in the first place.
I had the same areas done back fat (bra area and midback fat)and upper and lower abs plus he suggest mini tummy tuck( bottom abs didn't bother me)he suggetedthat total cost $8,100.00.It's been since march .19,2009 BIGGEST MISTAKE rolls still there after 3 months plus around my belly button a big lump of fat.Only thing differnt is my waist is smaller .. Doctor tried to tell me it's lose skin I am embarrassed to even wear a tight shirt because of the lumps now are uneven. I wouldn't reccommend this to no one. I'm seeing a counsler because it's got me very depressed about results and the money ..Please no one do this ,my doctor is in cumberland ,md.I'm going to probly sue to get money back to get fixed...
I also had the same procedures done at the same place. I also noticed the same rolls and since my surgery had to divided into 2 days, I addressed that issue with the Doctor. I felt more was taken out but now 3 weeks later, I also still some rolls but I cannot tell if it's because I'm still swollen or because of a poor job. In any case, there is improvement from before so maybe my expectations were too high? Looking forward to my follow up visit in 4 weeks. Hopefully, we'll be able to tell more then. BTW, my doctor was Elisabeth Leimer. Was this your doctor too?
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