Vaser Lipo Combined with Smart Lipo

This was my second surgery , I had tumescent lipo...

This was my second surgery , I had tumescent lipo 2.5 years ago ,before smart lipo , but my board certified surgeon could not take much fat because he did not have a technique to tighten the skin. Result - disappointed , spend 2.5 hours in surgery , paid $6500 , and 6 months later barely saw a difference.

I decided to go back to another doctor now that I discovered that there is vaser combined with smart lipo that produces the best results.

It has been 3 days after surgery , and I am so excited - I already see results - no knee fat , thinner thighs , love handles gone. The doctor did not gave me pain killers , and I do not need it , only natural healing medicine and antibiotics.

The doctor spend 8 hours on my body to make sure I look good and every area is fixed.

If anyone lives in Miami or Ft Lauderdale , I definitely recommend this doctor .

you can contact me if you want to knowmore about my procedure .

Would love the name of your doctor. Thnx
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Would definitely like the name of your doc! Thx
Dr gary chierico

the doctor takes his time to make sure all fat is remove, he does not stop because the limit per area is 1 or 2 hours. He spent 4 hours fixing my knees and thighs to make sure the results are the best

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