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Vaser Lipo and Smart Lipo: my Lower Ab Now Look Dimpled and Have White Spots

Had Vaser Lipo 6 months ago on outer thighs, lower...

Had Vaser Lipo 6 months ago on outer thighs, lower abdomen and back. No pain at all, but my plastic surgeon left uneven fat deposits on my abs and didn't take enough from thighs and waist line, so.. I went to a less expensive clinic ($3500.00)9 days ago for Smart Lipo. The clinic have HORRENDOUS personnel, completely messed up my anesthesia and ended up with excruciating pain when my surgeon was working on me. Now he says I have nerve-ending damage on both-hips with 24/7 pain, bruises, swelling and my abs look terrible. He tried to cover up first and now wants to do Dermawave on me. HELP!

Hi. I'm wondering if dermawave is like the spa RF treatment that my UK clinic are now doing on my abdomen? It's dermal heating using radio frequency and is supposed to heat the fat and cause collagen repair, resulting in tighter skin. They're doing mine as, apart from no results on my thighs and being left with lumps and swellings, my abdomen has a nasty hard area above the naval which looks like a ridge of flesh with an unnatural crease. They're not prepared to do any more on my thighs but will carry on on my abdomen for a few more goes. I hope it works because I don't want the deformity, if not then it has all been a waste of time and money, and painful too. Good luck though.

Three weeks now. Most of the pain, bruises and...

Three weeks now. Most of the pain, bruises and some swelling have subsided.  My waist line looks better,same with outer thights. Inner thights still look bad and my lower abs look uneven, bumpy and have white descoloration spots. They keep on cancelling my appointments with my surgeon, but I am scheduled to start Dermawave on Monday. Can anyone tell   me if this procedure is worth it? Can fix my abs?

Dr. D. R. (first) and Dr. John E. N. (second)

First surgeon too expensive and not the best at Lipo. The second works in a totally horrendous clinic. So, it does not matter his skills.

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