Varicose/Spider Veins - Natural Treatment!

I wanted to share that using the herb...

I wanted to share that using the herb Butcher’s Broom is an absolutely wonderful cure for varicose/spider veins! I have been taking a supplement for 3 weeks and my legs are 100% pain free!

The ugly varicose/spider veins are also starting to disappear! I was in tremendous pain with these veins in my right leg during my 6th pregnancy and having a very difficult time walking or standing. With 3 months left to go I figured I better find some way to get through a little more comfortably. I ran across this herb and with my doctor’s approval have been taking it with great success!

I noticed improvement in my pain on the first day and the cost was under $15 for a 48 day supply!

Just to let you both know I am taking Venacura. I am finishing a 3 month supply 115$ with no results what so ever. So thanks for the alternatives.
Would you be so kind as to give me the exact name of the products you are using? I am so upset after finally looking at my legs after the long winter of hiding in long pants. It seems surgery is so hit and miss, with possible complications....your approach sounds wise. Thanks.
That's good to hear. I've had sclero and laser for painful and unattractive spider veins on my legs several times and have been disappointed with the results. Finally I did some research and tried topical horse chestnut cream--apparently a popular and accepted treatment in Europe-- and it *really* helps with the discomfort and has definitely improved their appearance as well. The brand I have also contains Butcher's Broom.
Name not provided

Sanhelios Circu Caps

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