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I have been using Latisse for several years now. I...

I have been using Latisse for several years now. I have bought many products that claim "lash growth" and other benefits; however, none of them worked. Latisse is the only product where I have seen my lashes flourish and grow long and a bit thicker. The only side effect is the darkening of the skin around your eyes...Imagine "Apu" of The Simpsons. :-o However, it's nothing a little make up cannot hide. I still find it worth every dollar. The other con would be that , you have to keep using it, since lashes will get back to what they were originally. However, you can skip a couple of months in between new kits, since it does stay for a while at full growth. I would say I buy about 3 kits a year. Still, if you want lashes that look like a Vegas girl...This is the product for you! I have to watch what mascara I put on, since my lashes can tend to look almost fake, since they get so long and thick! It's great!!! :-) People have commented on how long my lashes are...I love Latisse!

I didn't know you could skip a month or so, then start back up and not risk loosing all the growth. That is a pretty awesome discovery on your part! Have you noticed your lashes thinning the longer amount of time you go without it?

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Latisse is the only product that really works.

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