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I have very fast growing corse hair on my legs. I...

I have very fast growing corse hair on my legs. I would shave in the morning and it would be prickly by night. Even after shaving, my legs were still rough. I am asian and have medium skin tone that tan very easily. I had enough so decided to scope out laser hair removal. I was scared of pain and mostly I was scared of any permanent damage it would cause on my skin. I chose to get IPL laser done on my legs after a friend's recommendation. Got a deal of 5 treatments for $ 400 which is very reasonable. After first treatment I saw about 50% reduction in hair growth. The hair that grew back were also softer and not as corse.The pain during treatment was also very minimal, I would rate on a pain scale about 1-2 out of 10. I did not see any side effects on my skin after the treatment, not even redness. I just finished my 5th treatment and I would say I have noticed about 90% in reduction of hair growth. I only have to shave about once a month and even then there is very little hair to shave. My legs feel soft all the time. I cannot wait to wear shorts and dresses in the summer again and actually feel ok with my husband touching my legs now. It's a big relief to have no hair on my legs. I don't know about other types of lasers but IPL is very effective on my hair.

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Hi Akyi,
I'm looking into getting IPL. Can you let me know where you got yours done?
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IPL are working slowly thinning hairs ,but gives good results thanks to share your experiences ,now it become quite simpler to go with newer techniques of hair removal.
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Hi Akyi, thanks for sharing your experience with us. I'm glad the procedure worked out well for you, seems like you got the results you desired!

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