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Botox -- 26 Years Old, Glabellar Area

I'm 26 turning 27 this year and don't have...

I'm 26 turning 27 this year and don't have any lines. The reason I got botox is because I frown too much -- I do it subconsciously all the time! So I went to the doc, he analyzed my frowning and because I "have such thick muscles", recommended 30 units.

He did two shots in the Glabeller lines on each side, then three shots (on each side) right above the eyebrow. This was done on Thursday, today is Tues. I feel tighter everywhere (harder to raise my eyebrows in the front) BUT I can still frown! Albeit, not as much as before, but i still catch myself subconsciously frowning/being able to frown. What to do??

I continue to get results up till about day 11. If after that time you are still not satisfied with the results then contact the provider to discuss your concerns.

Three months after getting 30 units with Dr. T...

Three months after getting 30 units with Dr. T (Vancouver) it was time for another dose of botox. I found a FABULOUS doctor (Dr. Khorsandian) who specializes in botox at Impact Dental Centre (Surrey). She comes from the "less is more" school of thought and knows exactly what's needed, where and how much. For my glabellar lines she said 30 units were a little too many and instead used 17 on me. Lo and behold, she was right. She's so good, I even brought my mom to her for my mom's first time with botox. She treated my mom's major frown lines, forehead lines AND gave her a lift in the outer corner of her eyes. My mom said she felt no pain whatsoever! This doctor is amazing and I highly recommend her!

This is helpful for me, as I just had my 1st injections last Wednesday evening, making today almost 5 full days post-injection, and I still have substantial movement, although the worst areas are perfectly frozen (as they should be).

Butterfly, I have a question for both you and Barbie: Do/did either of you experience a sort of "bulging" effect post injections, or has your forehead(s) been the same size/shape as before treatment? I'm not sure if what I am experiencing is a normal side effect of Botox, or if it is just residual swelling, and so far, the doctors have not responded to the Q I posted in Q&A (with photos). To be fair, I posted over the weekend. Still, I would like answers, be it from a doctor, or from other Botox patients.

Vancouver Dermatologist

She knows exactly what she's doing and I totally trust her "less is more" approach. After all, you can always go back for more!

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