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Worked Well for my Jawline - Vancouver, BC

I took Tylenol 3, not sure how much it helped....

I took Tylenol 3, not sure how much it helped. Most of treatment felt ok, but parts felt really hot and sharp. No redness or swelling after. After 3 weeks, friends say they noticed a difference. 5 months later, I am very pleased with results. I think it helps to go to someone with LOTS of experienced.


with that amount of mony id rather get a mini lift
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Hello Lisalou, thank you for your comment. I am looking for a doctor in Vancouver, would you feel comfortable to share the name of yours? all the best! fg

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How great to hear that you are pleased with the way things turned out! Do you mainly notice that things are firmer, or are there fewer wrinkles? Would love to hear what specifically you are seeing - maybe even some pictures if you feel comfortable sharing some with us. :)

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