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Juvederm Tried It but Have Moved on - Vancouver, BC

I had various fillers over the years initially my...

I had various fillers over the years initially my lip area then my nasal area then the cheeks and now all of the above plus whatever else needs to be touched up . It is not the product of choice for me currently as I feel there are better options on the market. Currently I use Radiesse and am happy with the result I schedule an apointment for fillers once or twice a year just to keep up my regime of skincare and cosmetic care.

I've heard Juvederm isn't good for under the eyes. Have any of you tried Radiesse under the eyes or heard anything about it?

Do not go for juvederm, doesn't work at all. Try
Something else. I had it done don't see any diference
I agree that Radiesse lasts longer. It's a bit more expensive but not that much more.

Victoria, BC
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