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Ipl is Not Right for Me with Malesma - Vancouver, BC

I went to a laser clinic in Vancouver and intended...

I went to a laser clinic in Vancouver and intended to have my melasma. My melasma was not very serious as to compare to some of my friends. I was assured by my doctor that after five sessions of IPL, my melasma would be removed.

Sadly, it did not happen. After my fifth IPL treatment, my melasma got worse than before. The area got larger. The color got darker as well. I also suffered from the uneven strips on my both sides of my cheeks.

I addressed my concerns with my doctor, but he just did not do much to help me resolve my
problem. After $1800 and $350 their recommended cosmetic, my skin did not get better but worse.

Dont believe anyone that tells you that IPL will remove melasma. It is all lies!

Oh no! I also tried IPL, and everything else out there, but it didn't do too much. I'm sorry your experience with IPL wasn't a good one. I think for some people IPL is a good solution, but in many cases, it does just worsen it- according to everything I've been reading on this site! Can I ask what laser clinic/doctor this was? I took a gamble and bought a package of 10 treatments with the Nd:YAG Lutronic Spectra machine (lol I had to call Dr. Daniel Yip's office to find out what it was called) and in combination with retinol and kojic and ended up having my melasma greatly reduced... I'll post pictures soon! Good luck in your search!

Hi emily,

Welcome to the community. That's not cool that your procedure didn't work, especially since you went in to have it take care of an already existing problem. Have you gone back and asked your doctor why it didn't work and how come you have Hyperpigmentation lines? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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