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Used Retin A - Vancouver, BC

I was using a higher priced French label which had...

I was using a higher priced French label which had retin A in it and was okay with the result compared to any other store bought product but then realized the cost difference between prescription retin A and my tried and true product . I switched to the medical grade and found the results much better and have used the product for about eight years as a night creme

I started using Retin-A about 5 months ago. Since you mentioned you have been using it for 8 years have you noticed yourself building up a tolerance over the years, or does the same strength & frequency of application seem to still work well?

Initially my skin was sensitive to the strength so small amounts every other day to start after a few months my skin seemed comfortable with the strength and I have had no issues. Certainly helps minimize pores and give a general glow to my skin
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