BA to Restore Fullness After Breastfeeding! - Vancouver, BC

As a teen and a young adult, I was always happy...

As a teen and a young adult, I was always happy with my breasts. They weren't huge, but they were perky and had a nice shape. I definitely never considered having a breast augmentation during this time. After breastfeeding however.. things changed! My boobs weren't terrible.. but I definitely didn't have the fullness that I did before, and it bothered me and made me self conscious. Thanks to ridiculously padded bras, no one ever noticed. Although I liked the shape and size that padded bras gave me, I hated the fact that I could never wear certain clothing and definitely never wanted to wear a bathing suit. So I decided to go forward with having a BA. After extensive internet research I decided to book a consultation with Dr. Eric Pugash. I knew right away that he was the right doctor for me. Sounds strange, but its just a feeling you get! He is a very busy man. But I knew it was worth the wait. I wasn't even scared or nervous on surgery day, Dr. Pugash just made me feel at ease. Surgery went great, and recovery so far has been a breeze. I never took pain meds.. I do have a high pain tolerance however I do feel that this can largely be attributed to Dr. P's exceptional skills and years of experience. I already love my new breasts and I know they will continue to get even better over the next few months. Thank you Dr. Pugash for restoring my confidence!!

some pics, between 3 days and 20 days post op

In some pictures you can tell that left side (what appears to be right in photos) is dropping a little faster than right, but pretty good over all

more pics, days 20-23 post op

Grr! captions with dates on pics didnt post!

pics 1,2, taken at 3 days post op, pics 3, 4, are 5 days po, pics 5-15 are 20 days po, pic 16 is exactly 3 weeks, and 17-20 are 22 days po

oops haha

Sorry for furry armpit in last pic. Anyone who has already had their ba will hopefully understand.. shaving armpits is a bit of a pain in the ass because the implant is still sitting high and interferes! Don't worry I don't go in public like this lol

Some Progress

It seems like they have changed a lot in the last week. For the better of course, looking a little more natural

Full body pics and new bathing suits!

Thought I'd post some full body pictures to show the proportions better. I should have taken some clothed too.. I'll try to get to that sometime this week. So as I'm sure you ALL know, VS is having their semi-annual sale. I obviously had to take advantage of this lol but since I'm not ready to buy bras yet I decided to get some bathing suits instead. I figured as long as I didn't get anything with underwire they would fit. These are all mediums, lined but no padding. The white halter actually came with pretty thick padding but it looked ridiculous so I took it out. Anyways.. hopefully this will help give some short girls an idea of what high profile 400cc's might look like on them :). (I'm 5 feet, 112 lbs)

Thoughts, ladies?

To tell.. or not to tell? It seems like many ladies on here have been super open and told pretty much everyone in their lives about their BA. And then there are others, like myself, who have chosen to keep it relatively secret. I didn't tell anyone other than my two best friends, my mother, and my cousin. I didn't even tell my sister. My husband was having a hard time understanding why I didn't want to tell people. Well first off, I don't feel like it's really anyone else's business. And secondly, because people are judgemental. Now I know we say it shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks, but unfortunately sometimes we let it get to us whether we want to or not. At the risk of sounding like an asshole, I will admit that there was a time in my life that I had a somewhat negative opinion of girls that got fake boobs. I didn't think it was horrible or anything, I just thought that they only did it for attention. And in some cases I still believe that is true.. for example.. very young, single girls that get enormous oversized knockers.. what other reason could there be lol? But as I got older I realized there were many other reasons that women got implants. I can handle some judgement, like if someone doesn't like how I look or thinks my boobs are too big or too small, that wouldn't bother me. This, however, is the assumption that I cant handle: Girls who get fake boobs have no self esteem or confidence and are very self conscious. Although this may be true for some ladies, I think it is absolutely ignorant and ridiculous to assume that our boobs make up our self worth. Don't get me wrong, I think an awesome pair of boobs would boost any woman's confidence.. but that doesn't mean that we had no self esteem. I have heard people make ignorant comments about it in the past. Then just a couple months ago my dad reaffirmed it. I asked him if his cousin was still dating this girl he has been with on and off, and he said they had broken up for good this time. He said that he told his cousin that the fact that this girl was obsessed with getting larger breast implants was a "red flag". And then both my dad AND his girlfriend proceeded to say that its a sign that she has issues and no self esteem, etc. I was disgusted! How dare they make these assumptions! So I guess my dad would feel the same about me if he found out? My self esteem is great! I know I am a good person (thanks to my lovely mother who taught me a great deal about morals and manners and honesty and respect from a young age. Also about the ugliness of jealousy and materialism.. Thanks mama :) ) I also know I am a good friend, mother, sister, and daughter.. These things all mean so much more to me than a good set of boobs. I mean, yes its true that the reason most of us get implants is because we have an insecurity about the way our breasts look, but to assume that that person as a whole is mentally and emotionally unstable or has no confidence is just horrendous!! So THAT is why I'd rather not tell anyone. Anyways.. Sorry for this crazy long post. I'd like to hear your guy's thoughts on this though. Do you get where I'm coming from or am I being crazy??

Not what I expected..

At my first post op appointment, my PS gave me very strict instructions on where I had to get sized, and who specifically I should see, and said to go right at one month post op (Sorry to those of you that already know all this). I went today, a little over a month but whatever, and this bra is not what I expected to say the least. I was thinking it would just be a basic bra, lined with no padding or underwire, something plain that I could wear under t-shirts and stuff.. well let me tell you, this thing is UGLY. It's like nothing I've ever seen before. The band fits very tight. There's this weird little part along the bottom that the lady called a "shelf to hold the girls in place". There's some strange internal booby trap thingy so they stay positioned properly. And the straps are ugly and thick and have absolutely no stretch so that your boobs cant pull it down and allow them to sag. The thing is seriously hideous, makes my boobs look like pointy little torpedoes. But everything the woman was saying about it made 100% sense. She said she has seen so many girls come in and their implants look horrible from wearing too many push up bras or sports bras. Basically she said its fine to wear other pretty bras while I'm out, but at home I should always be wearing it (not to sleep thank god). If I'm not too tired after my little one goes to bed I will try to get some pictures up of it so you guys can see the degree of ugly that I'm working with. OH and how could I forget the best part of all?!... This beauty was 145$!! Before tax!!

Here it is in all its glory..

So here are some pics of the lovely custom bra. I bet you ladies are all so jealous that you don't have one.. LOL..

La Senza frustrations

After seeing how pointy and ridiculous my boobs look in this new special bra, I figured I had to get something else to wear while I'm out. Had to stop by the mall anyway so I went to check out La Senza (For those of you who don't have it, it's like VS but not nearly as much selection. Pretty sure its the same company now though). They are also having their semi annual sale, so I rummaged through the bins and grabbed a bunch of different sizes. NOTHING fit properly! I found one, and of course with my luck it was one that wasn't on sale, that fit OK, so I bought it. It's A 34DD, the band of the 32 DD fit better but the cups were too small. I'm hoping in a couple months, assuming they change shape a little, that I will be able to find something that fits better. My ugly special bra is a 30DD and I was actually measured at a 27 band but of course nobody makes a 27 band. Anywayyy.. Thought I'd include a few pics of the one bra I did grab. And also some full body pics in regular clothes. And a few other random pictures lol

Scars and fluff

I was asked about how my incisions are healing, so thought I would post a pic. I only took one of the right side but they pretty much look the same. I have to actually lift my boob a little for them to be seen, definitely wont be visible in any bathing suits or bras. Also posting a pic I took this morning.. might just be me, but seem to look a bit "fluffier" or soft today :)

Happy :)

As I've already mentioned, I haven't told too many people about my BA. I don't really have anyone to express my happiness to, so I figured I'll say it here, since all you ladies can appreciate the joys that new boobs bring! I just feel so grateful for how well everything has gone for me. My recovery, even with a 2 year old at home, wasn't bad at all. I wouldn't say I had any pain, just discomfort for the first couple days. Other than having to have a stitch removed, I haven't had any complications or concerns. This sounds pathetic, but the hardest part about this process for me has been not tanning!! Of course I know how horrible tanning is for you, but please remember that I live in Vancouver, and in case you are not aware, rain dominates our forecasts. We do get lovely hot summers and if we're lucky, a sunny spring, but fall and winter can be a little dreadful.. lots of gloomy gray days. Sometimes I just need to feel that bit of warmth on my skin (and not gonna lie, I like the look of golden glowy skin). Vancouver is a beautiful city and I feel lucky to live here but the rain sucks! I usually only go tanning once a week, for 12 minutes, so I don't think it's too terrible. I have an olive skin tone so it doesn't take much for me to maintain a tan. Now that I've disclosed my guilty pleasure I will get back to what I came to talk about lol, my boobs.. I'm just so pleased that they turned out exactly how I was hoping.. the size, shape, projection. My husband, who initially was trying to encourage me to go bigger, (he used the, "all girls wish they went bigger" lol) has even said that I picked the perfect size for me. I don't think it's noticeable in the pictures, but to me they look a little bigger within the last week. Anyways.. That's pretty much it for now just wanted to share my happy thoughts :)

Off Topic..

I know this has nothing to do with BA's and I hope it doesn't annoy anyone, but I was reading Redglory's post about scars, and it got me thinking about my c section scar. It doesn't bother me too much and my husband says he doesn't even notice it, but when I do pay attention to it I'm not happy with how it looks. I don't really have anything to compare it to, (not that I should really compare anyway) most of my friends have been lucky enough to have natural births. Two of my SIL's also had c sections, and their scars look way nicer and lighter than mine! To be fair, their scars are older than mine and they have a lighter skin tone. Redglory, with your history and knowledge of scars, can you please tell me if you think there's hope for this?? And any ladies who have also had c sections please feel free to share your opinions.

7 Week Update

I can't believe its already been 49 days.. How is it possible that time goes sooo slowww in the weeks leading up to BA, and just seem to fly by after?! Strange. Anyhow.. I feel great, no tightness or soreness or morning boob or anything! The only discomfort I have is if I lay on my side for too long, and this only seems to happen on the right side for whatever reason. Goes away within a minute of changing positions or getting up. I can honestly say that they 100% feel like a part of me, I mean obviously I know they are there, but I'm not aware of them 24/7 like in the beginning when they feel weird, if that makes sense. Although.. it was very easy for me to get used to the size and weight of them because for most of my teen/adult life I was somewhere between a C and small D cup depending on my weight fluctuations. My boobs in the year before my BA were the smallest they've been since I was 13 lol. Overall I'm very happy with how they're looking and with the whole process in general. I'm actually surprised at how symmetrical they look, because my right was definitely bigger than my left. My PS said he didn't think it was significant enough to use 2 different sized implants and that sometimes they actually turn out worse and more uneven when 2 different sized implants are placed. Of course I trusted him and obviously he was right in my case. I've added some new photo's, tried to get some different angles and show how they look laying flat. I hated how they looked laying down before they looked pretty much nonexistent. Hope all you ladies are doing well. Happy healing to all those post op and good luck to the pre op girls :)

8 Weeks!!??

I don't really have much to update on.. I haven't been seeing too much change in the last week. I feel like they are pretty much settled and wont be changing much more but I know it's still early. I have an appointment with my PS in a couple weeks, I'm gonna see what he thinks, like whether they have more settling to do or if its pretty close to a final result.

I don't have a strapless bra yet and don't really want to wear one anyway, so I bought some nipple covers to wear with my strapless dresses. I bought the reusable silicone ones thinking that they'd be perfect, but they made my nipples look puffy and weird! They might be ok under something a little looser but definitely look bad under tight tops and dresses. So then I tried the little flower shaped disposable ones, and they actually worked out a bit better. I think you would still be able to see them under many clothes but they worked with what I was wearing and don't make your nipples look puffy! Speaking of dresses.. I bought a new dress last week and I'm so excited about it!! I'm sure anyone else looking at it wouldn't think its anything special, but its special to me, because its a style I would have never worn before and it feels so good to be able to wear it! It has an open back, have always loved open back styles and the dresses with pretty cut outs but of course would never wear them.. just admired them and wished I could wear them. So happy I can now :).

I'm adding a few new pics of boobs although I don't think there's any difference from last week, also adding a couple pics in a bikini top from my first post, definitely a difference in those!

New Dress :)

Like I said.. I'm excited and happy to be able to wear this style now. Please excuse the wrinkles and crinkles I haven't ironed it yet lol

Two months post op.. already?!

Hello wonderful ladies. I know I've said it before, but crazy how fast time is passing since BA! I haven't really seen any changes since 6 weeks. But hey, if they stay looking like they do now, I'll be happy. They look "real" enough for my liking. I am still loving the size. I feel like if I had gone any bigger they would look TOO big naked, and if I had gone much smaller, they might look too small clothed. Took a new pic of my scars this morning, looking pretty good (I think?) but still feel a little lumpy. They do look a bit pink but I know they will lighten up in time. Even if they don't, they are so well hidden that I doubt I would care! I'm so glad I have a good natural crease!

Faced quite the challenge the other day.. I had to go into VS to buy a gift card for a bridal shower gift.. It was SO hard to go in there and not try on bras. I couldn't even look at them. I told myself 3 months and I'm sticking to it!! Got a few pairs of cute panties instead.. I couldn't walk out of there completely empty handed right?!!

10 week Update. And a heads up..

I had an appointment with my PS yesterday, first one I've had since 6 days post op! I had been looking forward to hearing what he had to say and having some questions answered. I first had to show him my lovely special bra.. he said "looks good" lol. When I showed him my boobs, he said "perfection!" I suppose its possible that he says this to all his patients, but it sure felt good hearing it from a certified boob master. I asked him about my scars because they are still feeling quite lumpy. He said that's totally normal, and that some of what I'm feeling is the dissolvable stitches which can apparently take up to 6 months to dissolve, and some is scar tissue. But he said he can pretty much guarantee that by 10-12 months they will be completely smooth and flat, yay! He also said that scars look the worst and thickest between 2-4 months post op, and that mine actually look wonderful for the stage they are in. I asked him if I should still be massaging often, and he said that its not really a priority anymore since my boobs are already so soft, but to still try to do it a couple times a day. I also asked if they would be changing much now, and he said no :). All things I wanted to hear! I don't see him again til November.

Onto another topic.. I have read my share of reviews on here and its apparent that post op constipation is a very common occurrence. I was one of the few lucky ones who wasn't affected, which I thought was because I didn't take any pain meds, but I just realized it could have also been because of the "Holy Crap" I ate for 3 mornings after surgery. Seriously. I'm not sure if you guys have ever heard of it but I have never seen it mentioned on here so I thought I would share. It's like a little cereal blend made mostly of flax seeds and chia. There's 6 grams of fiber in only 2 tbsps! And its certified gluten free, so all you Celiac/gluten sensitive ladies can enjoy its effects too lol. I'm not actually sure if it's sold in the US but its definitely worth looking for. I got it at Nature's Fare, a little organic/health food grocer. I know most of you ladies are past this issue but hopefully this can help some pre op girls. Or anyone who's bowels are feeling sluggish ;)

Now last but not least.. I had been seeing some comments from a certain user on other girls reviews that I thought were kind of strange. I had a feeling it was a guy. Well turns out I was right, so if you ladies get any comments from "RealGeebs" just be aware that its a male. I know that some of you may be ok with this, but I personally am not. I'm not naïve, I'm aware that there are probably lots of men who creep the site and look at our boobs, but the fact that this one feels the need to share his 2 cents really rubs me the wrong way. Mostly because none of his comments are encouraging or informative. All he does is try to discourage women from getting anything over a B cup.. because he personally doesn't like large breasts. Or tries to discourage them from getting implants at all.. WHAT THE F#@*!!! Nobody asked you!! I clicked on his name and he doesn't have a profile- of course he doesn't, he has no reason to be here. So I went to someone else's review where I could reply to his comment, and basically asked him why he comments on here when all he does is try to discourage women. I also tried to explain that this part of the site is for women to encourage and support other women, and that generally we don't care what men (other than our own significant others) think because we did this for OURSELVES.. not creepy random men. I'm sure he is thoroughly annoyed at me and will probably come leave some nasty remark on my review, but I felt like something needed to be said. What are your thoughts ladies?

Some new photos

I finally got around to trying on some old stuff that I haven't worn in a very long time

11 weeks

I really don't have much to say about the boobs.. doesn't seem like they've changed in a while. Maybe gotten a bit softer? I am glad that I didn't buy any bras before though! I tried on the green and black one that fit me last month (I think its in my July 2nd post) and it doesn't fit anymore! Boobs spill over top. Not horribly but it would definitely be visible under a tight top. Boobie muffin tops. That would have been around 6 weeks post op that it fit me.. so be patient with buying bras girls!! I also tried on a couple of my bathing suit tops that I haven't tried on since my June 23rd post when I was one month po. Luckily those still fit ok. And so nice to be able to wear tops without padding :). Hope all you ladies are doing well!

Some pics for the HP haters

I don't mean to offend anyone with this post but it is frustrating to me when I see (and I've seen it many times) girls saying things like, "HP's look fake".. or, "I don't want that round ball look or bolted on look that HP gives". Of course some do look fake, especially if you put a huge amount of cc's on a girl with little to no natural breast tissue, who has a very short nipple to crease distance, and who's skin has never been stretched by pregnancy or breastfeeding or weight loss.. or someone who's measurements just don't add up. I'm definitely not saying that all HP's look real, I just don't think it's right to assume they all look fake and ball like. I have seen some women with mod+ that look more fake than some with HP's. It has so much to do with what you are starting off with. Anyway.. maybe some of my pics can help to show that High Profile implants CAN look real.. and to hopefully prevent some pre op girls from freaking out if their PS recommends HP for them.

And these..

Lingerie Fail

I don't know if this is weird or not, but I have never bought lingerie in my life (besides sexy bras and panties obviously, but not actual "lingerie"). I decided it might be time. I ordered a few things from zulily a couple weeks ago, they usually always have a lingerie event and ridiculously good prices.. but you can't return most things so its kind of a gamble. I decided that since the deals were so good it wouldn't be a huge deal if it didn't fit. As you can assume from the title of this update.. it didn't fit lol. One was a really pretty "babydoll".. the sizes were just S,M,L.. I knew a medium would be way too big in the body so I ordered a small. And its way too small :(. There is no padding but there's an underwire, and it doesn't even come close to fitting under my boobs. The other one was a cute little pink bralette. Looked super small in the pic so I ordered a medium. Boob coverage was fine, but band is too loose. I guess I could still wear it on occasion since its just for fun and not for support anyway. Also got a fishnet bra but you probably don't wanna see that, a bit slutty looking. Anyway.. The moral of this story is that I suck at buying lingerie on line.. haha no the moral of this story is that petite girls need to really consider that fact that things in certain styles may never fit properly if you choose large implants. Not saying that mine are large but I have seen girls who are smaller than me wanting very large cc's. I cant imagine having anything bigger than what I have now.. I think I would be very unhappy. I have to admit that I've had brief moments of thinking that maybe mine are a tad big for me, but luckily those thoughts don't stick around. It's only been a couple times when I was trying things on that just didn't fit right because of my boobs. I guess I can at least feel fortunate that I don't have boob greed. Not including those few brief moments, I really do think the size is just right :). Too bad about the lingerie though!


Sorry I deleted all my naked boob photos.. I was out for a girls night and my cell phone was stolen. I am absolutely heartbroken and devastated that I have lost so many pictures of my son that were on my phone. Unfortunately I didn't have a lock on my phone and whoever has it would have easy access to my e mails and be automatically signed in to my realself account which is why I deleted so many pics! Hope all is well with the RS ladies.. and sorry my review is no longer helpful :(

3 Months.. bras finally!! (now I know my size!)

Hello ladies :). I did it.. I FINALLY went bra shopping!! I actually managed to wait til the 3 month mark, exactly 3 months which was on Wednesday (also happened to be my birthday, how convenient ;) ). I tried on probably 25 bras and liked almost all of them, it was so hard to narrow it down. If I hadn't already said this, I would definitely be saying it now: I'm so glad I didn't go any bigger! It would be a nightmare to find bras. 32DDD fits me perfectly, and although the VS I went to is apparently the largest in Canada, they didn't have my size in so many styles. And even if they had it in a specific style, the color or pattern options weren't that great. I still managed to do ok though.. 450$ later. There were so many gorgeous bras in the Dream Angel collection, but they aren't as practical and also more expensive so I limited myself to 2. I was disappointed with their sports bras.. There literally was one in a 32DDD and it was 65$.. Tried it on and wasn't impressed. It was still a good and fun experience despite the lack of sizes.. I still found more than enough, and I'm happy that I managed to wait this long. I'm pretty confident the girls wont be changing much at all. All of these bras are underwire and lined. No padding or push ups.

14 weeks

I can't believe its already been 98 days. I really haven't noticed any changes in a while, other than they have continued to get squishier.

As you already know, my cell phone was stolen... what I never mentioned was that I thought I knew who stole it (of course there was no way to prove it and they would never admit it so not much I could do). That being said, with it being someone I know who could easily identify me by these photos, I didn't feel comfortable having naked pictures up. And who knows how many other people this person would tell! I've been thinking about this a lot, and although I still don't know for sure whether they have it or not, I've decided it doesn't matter; I'm going to post some new naked boob photos. I feel that other people's stories and photos were so helpful to me throughout this whole process and I want to be able to do the same. I know there are thousands of other reviews out there and mine isn't really necessary, but if it helps even one person then I think it's worth it. It's not like these pictures are scandalous or sexually suggestive or anything, they're just boobs! Plus I think it's important to post some pictures at this stage since this is most likely very close to my final result. I know that for some ladies it can take up to 6 months, but mine seemed to settle pretty quickly and my PS did tell me that they wouldn't be changing much now. Hope all is well with you RS ladies :)


I know I've mentioned some stats sporadically throughout my posts but I figured I'll just make a list right here to make it easy:
-5 feet
-112 lbs
-25 years old
-400cc Mentor smooth round high profile silicone
-crease incision, under muscle
-pre op: 34B
-post op:32DDD
-ribcage 27', bwd 12
Also should mention I have one child, breastfed for 10 months


I am 15 weeks post op today.. 105 days!! It just doesn't feel like it's been that long. I really don't have much to say about the boobs. I haven't noticed any changes at all. My scars however, have been changing. I've noticed that the right looks worse than the left. I'm assuming its normal to have one look better than the other. They don't seem to have lightened up at all, but the lumps are definitely going away, thank goodness! They felt kind of gross with all those lumps. The left still has a little lump that's visible from the outside but its getting smaller. Sorry if these pictures post upside down, I'm not sure why they are showing up like that!

Not really an "update"..

.. but I wanted to re-add some of my photos that I removed after my phone was stolen. They help show the progress a lot better and I think will just make my review more helpful over all. Hope they show up in order!

Not sure push up bras are my friend anymore

Hello lovely RS ladies :). I can hardly believe it, but Saturday marked 4 months post op for me. Tomorrow I will be exactly 18 weeks. Crazy!

As you already know I finally did my bra shopping last month. None of the bras I got had any padding (I actually didn't even find any in my size that did). That was fine with me, they looked plenty big enough in the lined bras. but I was thinking, it might be fun to have just one or 2 with some padding. I was browsing around La Senza's website and noticed that online, they have a few bras in a 32E. They don't carry this size in store, the largest cup they have in a 32 band is DD. They also had a deal on, buy one, get one for 15$. So I ordered 2. They aren't heavily padded (nowhere close to their double push ups) but enough to be considered a push up. They arrived within a week. I tried them on and they fit very well.. but I'm really not sure that I like the look that they give! Makes my boobs look TOO big. I will attach a few pics. I'm going to keep them in case there is the rare occasion that they seem appropriate but definitely not something I will be wearing on a regular basis! Hope all you ladies are doing well in whatever stage of your journey you are at :) xo

New boobs and old swim suits

Hello ladies :). I am 21 weeks post op today! No changes in the boobs. I am boring.

I have a vacation coming up in a couple months and decided to sift through my bathing suit inventory. Some were just obviously too small and some had gone all crappy and lost their elasticity. I found a couple that actually fit ok (I think?) from back in the day.. you know.. the days well before my boobs faced total destruction in the aftermath of breastfeeding. Anyway, I'm pretty sure they look ok in terms of fit, but do they look tacky and outdated? Or do I only think that because I know that they are practically ancient? Opinions welcome ;)

5 Months!

Hello ladies! Today marks exactly 5 month post op for me. Sure doesn't feel like it's been 5 months. Boobs are great- no changes in the last couple months, or none that I have noticed anyway. They feel very soft and natural and I have still not had anyone ask if they are fake, woohoo!! Exactly the way I wanted it to be. But I suppose that could also be because I don't wear revealing clothes or show them off lol.

Now onto a different topic.. this might make me sound irresponsible or silly but I'm going to share it anyway; While I was in the process of researching BA's, I refused to read the explant stories, and then about a month ago I decided to check them out. It's not that I was in denial about the fact that things could go wrong, I just didn't want to read about it. Dumb, I know.. I should have educated myself from all aspects. But now that I have had my BA I have absolutely no regrets about it, so I am honestly very glad I didn't read those explant reviews, because some of the stuff in there could have made me change my mind! I actually felt a sense of relief after reading some of them, because I do not identify with any of their reasoning for wanting their implants removed. Women complained that their boobs got in the way or hindered their lifestyle, or that they always felt like foreign objects.. there were quite a few who said they knew immediately after surgery that they made a mistake and that they would hate them from that day forward. I also read a few in which women said they just didn't feel like themselves, or felt like they were trying to be someone they are not. For me personally, its the opposite! My new boobs have made me feel more like myself again! I just never felt right with the boobs I was left with after breastfeeding. Some women had their implants for years and loved them for a long time, and then just started to feel that they were too big or it wasn't the look they wanted anymore. And then there are the ones who believe that their implants were causing health issues.. There were many reasons, and although I cannot relate to any of them right now, who knows how we will feel about our implants in the future. I just feel grateful that I have had an awesome experience so far, and don't have any of the negative feelings that so many of those women had.

I'm adding a few pics and I apologize that they are boring and repetitive but I also think its good to show that some women are done changing after only a couple months. I will add some scar pics, I made sure to take these in good natural lighting so that they are accurate.

Oh and one more thing- I HATE this new RS format. It looks like crap, its annoying to scroll through, and to me, it makes the comments confusing rather than organized. Community managers.. do you have any input on this?? Tell who ever is in charge that it sucks. And since the format changed, I no longer get email notifications when people update their reviews. I went in my settings to see if I had accidentally changed it but I didn't. Is anyone else having this problem??

Some oldies

I know how helpful before pictures are in these reviews, and I hate the fact that I don't have any! I honestly just never took pictures of my breasts.. I think I may have allowed one boyfriend to when I was 16. I knew for sure I didn't have any naked boob pics but I went through some photo albums and tried to find some that at least showed how I looked in clothes. I found a few and I am sorry that they aren't that great but I think they still show that I definitely had boobs, and explains why I wanted them back after breastfeeding! They weren't huge, but a decent size, and enough to look great in a push up bra. I also found one from right after I had my son, they were huge then! I was going to crop my son out of the picture but I didn't, because it gives a better perspective of how big my boobs were. He was a big baby, over 9 pounds. I also tried to find some to show how I looked in my bombshell bras after breastfeeding and I only found one crappy one. This has made me realize how seldom I have my picture taken lol.
I have my last post op appointment coming up in a few weeks, and if I am able to get my official "befores" I will post them!

Online shopping success!

My last online lingerie shopping experience was a complete failure. But I was browsing on zulily last week and they had some cute bathing suits for only $16.99 a piece! I was hesitant to order considering how badly it turned out last time.. but I couldn't resist! There were only two styles of tops (but lots of cute patterns), one was just a thinly lined triangle top and the other had a bit of padding. I ordered a medium in the triangle one, and large in the padded one, which really was a gamble because I knew if the large top had any kind of clasp type closure on the back it would be way too big. Received them in the mail a few days later and to my delight, it had a string tie back! They are definitely not modest but they do fit! Just wanted to share my good deal and remind you ladies to check out zulily once in a while, because they always have good deals on bras/lingerie/sports bras/bathing suits etc :)

6 months post op... and a pre op pic FINALLY!

I am exactly 6 months post op today.. still hard to believe that much time has passed. I had an appointment with my PS on Monday. I believe his comments were "It doesn't get much better than that!" and "10 out of 10". I was pleased to hear that :). He asked me what kind of bra I was wearing that day.. I was like, 'umm.." kinda hesitating because I knew what was to come. So he walked over to my clothes to inspect my bra and was not impressed that it was from VS (I was expecting this). I explained that I still wear my "special" bra at home, but that it makes my boobs look weird and pointy so I don't wear it out. He told me to go to a lingerie shop called Change.. apparently they specialize in good support bras (that are pretty and flattering) and most of their styles actually cater to women who have had breast augmentations. I guess I will have to check it out. He makes it known that having good support post op plays a big role in how our implants look long term.
I also asked him for my pre op pictures, and for some reason he only gave me one which I suppose is better than nothing but I really would have liked to have been able to post a side view. They weren't horrendous or deformed or anything but you will definitely see what I mean about the deflation.
I made sure to address the one concern that I do have, and that is the fact that if I touch under my boobs like right along the crease, I can feel the implant a little. This is the only place I can feel it. I asked him if it was normal and if it meant I had a higher chance of bottoming out. He said no. He said that its very common because the implant is very close to the skin in that spot, because the muscle doesn't cover it. It actually doesn't bother me at all, but I just wanted to make sure it was normal!
So how am I feeling about my boobs at 6 months? I think they are great. Exactly what I wanted. I would do this procedure all over again, without hesitation, no regrets. As for my boobs themselves, I don't think they have really changed in the last few months.
I am gonna add a bunch of pictures, a lot of them are probably repetitive but I just thought I would add anything I took in the last month, which also shows that they haven't changed.
One more thing before I go- I just want to say thank you to every single person who takes or has taken the time to read my posts and/or comment on my review. I truly appreciate it so much and I hope I have been as helpful as so many others on this site have been to me :)

Not So Subtle "Sweater Kittens"

The girls are looking quite voluptuous in sweaters.. maybe a bit too voluptuous for me. The problem is, as I'm sure many of you ladies have also experienced, if I wear a less fitted sweater I look huge all over. If I wear a tight sweater, boobs look to big.
I shouldn't complain. I like the size of my boobs.. 95% of the time.
Hope all is well with the RS ladies :)

**7 Month Update**

Seven months will be on Saturday, but I have a busy weekend so figured I'd update now. Really not too much to report on, but I wanted to do a scar update because I think there is a little improvement from my last one at 5 months. I'm actually very pleased with how my scars are looking. They aren't invisible like some lucky ladies, but they may as well be because they don't show at all! They are perfectly hidden when standing and I even did some tests in bikinis, lifting my arms to see if they would show, and they don't :). I really didn't do much to them.. I used SkinMedica Scar Treatment Gel at one month post op, consistently twice a day.. and after about 3 weeks fell off the wagon lol and never resumed any scar treatment. I continue to be amazed at how natural and soft my boobs feel! I had a girls weekend in Vegas recently, and of course the topic of boobs eventually came up. They were also amazed at how natural mine look and feel.. one of the girls ended up booking a consultation with my surgeon and another is planning to next year!

Totally not boob related, but kind of funny; numerous people have told me lately that I look like Ariana Grande. To me, she looks like she's 14 lol. Years ago I used to dye my hair black, and people told me I looked like Kim Kardashian. Kind of strange that when I was younger, I got told that I looked like an older celeb.. and now that I am a little older, I'm being told I look like a younger one, but hey, I'll take it.

Before I go, I just want to wish all of you lovely ladies a Merry Christmas (or anything else you may celebrate.. Hanukkah, Kwanza etc.. :) ) and wish you all the best for a happy and healthy new year. Good luck to all pre op ladies and happy continued healing to all post op!

Massage Video as requested. Plus squish and bounce demo

My Massages
Now I know some people are instructed not to massage at all or shown totally different techniques, but I will share what my PS advised me to do, because it really worked wonders for me! I would definitely follow the advice of your own surgeon but if you have the type who doesn't say much about it one way or the other, these may be helpful to you. I didn't want to speak on the video, but as you will see the first massage is to just place the hand from the opposite side (left hand on right boob, right hand on left) on the side of each breast, and push them together as firmly as you can. Of course this looks a lot different on my squishy settled boobs, so do not expect the same on brand new boobs! The second one was to push on the top and bottom of the implant at the same time, and then the inside and outside, with as firm pressure as you can handle. I was told to do this ten times a day! I honestly don't remember how long I was supposed to do it for but I think it was only a minute per side. The rest of the video is just to show how they are bouncy and squishy and move like real breasts! This is extremely important to me. Seeing how rock hard they were in the beginning scared me.. I was worried they would never soften enough but I was wrong :). Hope this helps!

Just can't help it!

I definitely did not need any.. but I couldn't resist a few more bathing suits from VS, the sales are just way too good to pass up. Plus I have vacation coming up in two weeks so that's a legit excuse right? I was quite pleased that they all fit and I didn't have to send anything back. I even found one with awesome coverage! I think its called "the getaway halter" or something like that, I've seen it on many girls on this site and really liked it. The white one is shown as a strapless on the VS website, but luckily it came with an optional halter strap because it did not stay up without it. The pictures don't really do it justice, looks better in person, and the back is so cute!

Love these bralettes :)

I will be 8 months post op on Tuesday, and I can tell you that even this far out, I am not sick of buying new boobie holders.. whether it be bikinis, bras, bralettes, sports bras, etc. I ordered a few more bralettes from American Eagle last week (as if I needed more.. I already have 6. But these were a different style ;) ). I ordered the romantic lace bralette in light pink and purple, and one more called the racerback sleep bralette. I ordered all in medium, the lace ones fit really well and the sleep one is a bit small but it was cheap so not worth sending it back. I am actually impressed with how much support they can give if you adjust the straps properly.

I don't have much to report on, no changes in the boobs in either look or feel. Just wanted to share my new purchase in case others might like them too :). Also including some pics of the girls at (almost) 8 months, and a couple more in a sports bra.. I have pics in this sports bra in my early post op photos and it looks much different (and much better) now!

8.5 months post op, vacation, and weight gain...

Hello ladies :). I'm already over 8 months post op and things are great. I don't feel that my boobs are restricting in any way and don't pose any limitations.. besides not being able to fit into certain things. I don't really have any pain or discomfort other than an occasional shooting pain that only last a few moments, but I remember getting those pains in my breast before BA so I don't even think it has anything to do with the implants.

So I finally went on vacation with the new girls! I wasn't really sure how I would feel about wearing a bathing suit, and having them so exposed. I probably wouldn't have cared much if it was all strangers but we went with a large group, including my best friend and her family who I have known almost my whole life. Obviously my bff knows, but her mom is the kind of person I would NOT want knowing. But when I put on my bikini, I felt surprisingly confident. I think maybe because I don't think they really look fake. I found myself looking for other fake boobs haha (have any of you also done this?!) but I couldn't really spot any. I'm sure there must have been.. maybe they just had excellent results or very conservative sizes? On about the 5th day in I finally spotted one girl, but there was no way anyone could have missed her.. she was SO thin (probably a good 25 pounds under weight) and had massive boobs, the ones that look like melons shoved under the skin. It really looked so terrible, I actually found myself feeling bad for her. I wasn't going to say anything, and then my girlfriend goes, "thank God your boobs don't look like THAT!!". Clearly her implants were way to large for her little frame, but it still made me feel really grateful that I got good results and that I chose a surgeon who truly has his patient's best interest at heart.

Total change of topic.. I'm not sure if this is considered strange or maybe its relatively common, but I don't really weigh myself. Maybe twice a year on average. I had to weigh myself at my pre op. Then I weighed myself about 2 months post op just out of curiosity to see what I had gained in the lazy post op period, and surprisingly weighed the same as before. For me, I just feel that stepping on the scale constantly is unnecessary and can quickly become unhealthy.. it is too easy to get caught up on a number, even though we know that everyone carries weight differently and has different muscle mass, etc. But I started noticing recently that my bras were feeling tighter and not fitting as well. So I decided it was time. Stepped on the scale and there it was.. I have gained 5 pounds! In about 6 months. Yikes!! Surprisingly I am not really seeing it or feeling it elsewhere so it must have distributed itself pretty well. I think I would like to blame the holidays.. more specifically my complete lack of dietary discipline over the holidays.. but lets just say "the holidays". I don't eat fast food or store bought junk but I am a sucker for good home made food and baked stuff. My sister's exceptional baking skills are one of my worst enemies. Anyway, I need to get my ass in gear and lose this weight, because I do NOT want to buy new bras!! I only took pics in one, but they are pretty much all fitting the same. Terrible :(.

9 Months. Plus inexpensive sports bras ;)

I'm a little past my nine month mark but it really doesn't matter at this point haha.. no exciting changes or progress pics like in the early months. I will add a few photos to prove that ;). I know my pics are boring at this point but I plan on posting til my one year mark simply because hardly anyone does! When I first started doing research on this site I specifically looked for women who showed their long term results and there were very few. So hopefully this will be helpful to some.

I have finally started exercising again.. and when I say finally I mean for the first time in like 3 years LOL. I've just found it extremely difficult to find time for work outs since I had my son. But gaining those 5 pounds gave me the kick in the ass that I needed. I don't do anything super intense or crazy, simply because I don't enjoy it and I don't want to build much muscle. Just tone up and get rid of flab. Thought I'd share a few inexpensive sports bras that are working for me. Like I said, I don't do anything crazy so these are probably only good enough for medium impact. The Marika one has great support in the band, but not enough coverage over the boobs. It works ok with a tight tank over it though. Hope all you RS ladies are well and happy healing to the newly post op :)

9.5 months. No bra vs. lined bra vs. padded bra

The title pretty much explains it. Just thought I'd share some photos that show how my boobs look in different bras, and braless. I don't ever go braless, but it is definitely nice to have fullness without one. I don't care for padded bras (think I have worn one twice in 9 months) but just wanted to show the look that can be achieved. The rare occasion that I do put one on makes me extra happy with my choice in cc's.. that extra volume is just not for me! I am by no means skinny but I am not a large person either, and I feel that over all good proportions are much more attractive than one stand out feature (like huge boobs).

Hope all you RS ladies are well. Thank you to those who take the time to read my posts, and thank you to all who share their journeys as well! I believe that each and every review is helpful and valuable :)

10 Months post op. Everything is fantastic! Maybe thanks to my "special bra"?

I cant believe I am only two months away from my one year anniversary!! Or "boobiversary" as I've seen some call it lol. Everything is great, I really have no complaints. I am super happy that my boobs haven't started to sag or drop anymore, it was a bit of a concern for me because I did have a slight amount of sag before BA and also because I wasn't sure that my breast tissue was in great shape after so many size fluctuations in my natural breasts. I am thinking that maybe my ugly special bra has helped them to keep a good shape/position. If you are not sure what bra I am talking about please see my June 27/28th post. It is considered a custom bra.. technically it is not made specifically for one person, but because they have 145 sizes that range from 28" to 42" bands and all the way to KK cups, there is bound to be a size that fits almost any woman perfectly. I will be the first to admit it does not look pretty but I really think it does its job! It is actually approved as a Class 1 medical device because of its many health benefits, including increased circulation and tissue health, proper lymphatic drainage, posture correction, proper weight distribution, etc.. Sooo although it is far from attractive I will continue to wear it. Including some pics so you all can see the beauty (and function) of it haha.

Unfortunately my weight loss goals have been put on hold, because I've been sick forever! Nothing too serious, just a lot of sinus congestion (painful!) and that general feeling of exhaustion. Feeling crappy + chasing super active 2 year old all day = no energy for working out. So still at 116. Oh well. I think I'm going to do a cleanse, hopefully that will help me to feel energized and rejuvenated!

Adding some 10 month pics, I found that it is fun to try necklaces on while topless (at home!!) so figured I'd include some although the photos don't do the necklaces justice. Also had a moment of wishing my boobs were smaller last week while trying on a dress I ordered. I love the dress.. the lace is beautiful and it fit perfectly in the shoulders, waist, and even length (rare for me!), but I couldn't even get one button in the chest area done up. GRRR!!
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pugash is very straight forward and professional. I loved that about him! He discusses any possible risks and makes sure his patients have a clear understanding about realistic expectations and about the procedure itself. I felt reassured by his years of experience and impressive medical schooling and certifications. He is very confident in his work, and that made me feel confident! His office ladies are really sweet and helpful. They always make you feel welcome and are happy to answer any questions you have. The anesthesiologist and the staff at the surgical center were all very pleasant too and I always felt like I was well cared for. I definitely feel like I made the right choice in choosing Dr.Pugash, and I would highly recommend him to anyone in the Vancouver area. Or even out of the Vancouver area, he is worth travelling for!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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