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Sunken Cheeks - Vancouver, BC

Sunken cheeks

sunken cheeks

My GP suggested I see Dr. D. I have been HIV+ 26...

My GP suggested I see Dr. D. I have been HIV+ 26 yrs. Severe lypodystrophy.

Yes, there was pain. There was emotional and physical pain. I had to endure it, no choice, no funds to go elsewhere. I wanted so badly to have my face restored, I did'nt care.

Now, the right side has become infected twice. Causeing an abcess twice, on the roof of my mouth. The surgeon beleives it may have to be removed from the inside of my mouth. We will know for sure by March 20th/11.

The left side has a raised lump, 3 inches long, an inch wide, 1/6" high. Still dealing with how to handle that one.
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After over a year of investigating a lawyer in BC was not able to find 1: A company which developed/distributed this product, 2: there was no record of where this product was manufactured or where and by what standards.
This lawyer was working on a class action suit and found it impossible to find a defendant, as it would seem that this was a pyramid scheme with no company attached. See for yourself and try to find a registered corporation that makes this gunk.
In Toronto, since I've had this injected into my face, the plastic surgeon that was involved with CIRC which was investigating this product has left the investigation team???No one is taking responsibility for the horrendous consequences. I have major infections several times a year some of which require hospital treatments.
If you do go ahead with this product, make sure that you talk to your doctor about liability issues, find out who makes the product and where and to what standards and get an abstract of the company, where it is and the address and telephone number if you can. I'll bet that you won't get any of the information as it does not exist, talk to the lawyer in BC who spent a year trying to find this information.
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Thank you for sharing an update with us. I'm so sorry to hear things haven't cleared up for you, and appreciate you stressing how important it is for us all to do our research before deciding on a treatment.

I truly hope things get better for you soon.

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Hi bertram,

Thanks for the added info. I'm so sorry you are going through such a difficult time. You might want to check out the review Florida9571, one of the community members in Sculptra who had fillers in their cheeks for the same reason as you. Although, they had a different product and are overall happy with their outcome, they might be able to provide some support/info for future procedures. Hope it helps.

Please do keep us updated,



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Here we are, Jan 26/2012. I have finally, only this past month, had the entire left side of my face, cleared of this horrible mess. Unfortunatly, the left side of my face, is terribly infected. I am so worried I am actually going to start losing my face! Legalities prevent me from going into detail, but 21/2 years of pain, disfigurment, incontineance because of all the medication, awfull, to say the least. I am so worn from this experiance, and have no idea of if I will win in court. Sickening is more like it. I did'nt do the research, and it was out there for me! Please, research before putting anything into your face. Bertram.

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I would like to know who you are suing and under what regulation. My experience has been very similar to yours, but here in Canada, the statute of limitations if past after two years, so I'm f343ked. If you know anything about the company that makes this crap I would sure appreciate knowing,

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I am suing the doctor who injected the product into my face. He made such a mess of it, our provincial medical plan picks up the tab for repairing the damage he caused. I have not had to investige the company that makes the product, I'm sorry I can't help you.
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Hey Bertram, I seem to getting no where with my predicament, would you be willing or able to let me know the name and telephone number of your lawyer. Best to ask him/her first. thank you, Robert
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