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Articol -Vancouver, BC

Had it done twice almost ten years ago and again 5...

Had it done twice almost ten years ago and again 5 years ago. Love it no problems , I was told to message my lips for a week after.. no lumps no bumps. The DR that did the procedure has retired , It seems most Doctors do not want to use Art-fill and the rest can't do it right. I would get it done again if I could trust another Doctor to do It !

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i live near vancouver canada, (coquitlam) can anyone recomend a GOOD doc to inject artecol. i have had it injected and am not happy with the results. i am sure it has to do with the doc doing the injections, he is old and i think hedoes not see well enough to get the scars i am telling him about. i have had restlyne injections before with awsome results but it only lasts a few months.(different doc) he wont do artecol. any help would be great
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you need a very experienced injector, since the artefill microspheres are 'never' absorbed by the body. in contrast, HA (juvaderm) and collagen fillers will dissolve (absorbed by the body) in a year or less. (some peer reviewed and published studies show that HA actually promotes your natural collagen development, so it's not a total loss even at 1 year. i've been doing juvaderm for a year with the same doctor, and now have the confidence in her eye and injection skills to let her do artefill in my naso fold area. i certainly wouldn't do any filler like artefill as a first-time experience with dermal fillers. all fillers leave 'lumpyness' becasue they're basically liquid implants that are laid in deep into the dermis. but they do elevate the tissue to give a flattened out look. final advise, you need to see if you can be comfortable with that. don't use artefill in the lips or below the eyes. lots of problems possible in these areas.
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articol is an old version of artefill. since artefill is a refined product with smaller diameter plastic microsphers, i'd suspect it would have fewer potential side effects than artecol. however, artefill isn't approved in the usa by the fda for use in the lips, only in the nasolabial folds area. i think both products are not approved for use in canada. in fact, artefill was retracted for clinical use in canada a few years back. i could be wrong, but i'm pretty cetain not.
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I had it done 3-4 times in past 3 years and love it. No bumps, looks natural, and I'll do it again in a year or so. I went to Dr. Wittenburg in Vancouver BC and am super happy. Only thing is, first thing in am, they look...almost too big? Just cause of that swollen, sleepy look I guess. Goes away after 30 mins tho.
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Meant to add - funny but I was not told to massage but the opposite, try not to move mouth at all or as little as possible for 2-3 days (no straws, smoking etc). I have zero bumps.
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I'm so glad you decided to post your experience. Its really helpful to hear from someone who had the filler placed several years ago and is still happy with it.

Since it sounds like you are having a tough time finding a doctor you feel comfortable with to do it again, do you think you will try a different filler, or just hold off completely?

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