30 Y/o Female - Finally Giving It a Try for Chronic Acne - Vancouver, BC

I have struggled with acne since my teens and have...

I have struggled with acne since my teens and have tried everything - numerous types of BC pills/antibiotics/topical treatments. Doctors have been hesitant to prescribe Accutane to me (probably because they see birth control pills as the less risky choice for females). Now, at 30, and after months of serious breakouts on my neck and body (back/shoulders/upper chest) I was feeling so self conscious and fed up that my physician finally referred me to a Derm who prescribed me Accutane without hesitation. I am hoping that my scarring will fade if the treatment prevents future breakouts.

I just started my treatment earlier this week, and so far I have noticed a slight flare up on my face and have been experiencing moderate muscle pain in my legs (even without rigorous exercise). I hope the muscle pain does not get worse as I am hoping to train for a 13mile run later this fall. I haven't experienced the dryness yet, but I suspect its coming.

I am currently taking 40mg a day and will try to update with my progress. Fingers crossed!

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Photos from three days in


Hi I had a terrible flare up too don't worry! It will dry out quickly so get your moisturiser ready! And I struggled with shin splits with running so be careful!
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hi. I think you would better avoid physical excercise during the treatment period. I'm not a doctor , but I saw that on an article on net. best of luck
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Welcome to the community, thank you for including us on your journey with Accutane, I look forward to following your progress - good luck!
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Dr. DeGannes

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