Laser Hair Removal Only Worth in in Some Cases. Can Stimulate Growth.

I started with diode on just my chin and it worked...

I started with diode on just my chin and it worked ok. I then moved to the rest of my face and it stimulated growth which was a big nightmare. Electrolysis helped to sort it out but still dealing with the consequences.

I only recommend if you have course hairs. If you have dark fine hairs do not touch them because they will not be removed and can possibly get worse.


new zealand, as a laser technician I can tell you that IPL will not remove fine, blonde hair. No laser or IPL will treat this kind of hair because lasers are attracted to the melanin/dark color in the bulb of the hair. I am sorry to inform you that the center which you are recieving treatments does not sound like a very trustworthy center.
The issue of stimulating more hair growth is not said to be true and can sometimes be from a change in hormone levels or even extreme stress can create new hair growth cycles.
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How long did you have treatments for? How many? And how long was it before you noticed that growth was worse? I have been getting Ipl on my face for fine blonde hair and now I am worried that I may have made it worse. Thanks
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