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I have my consultation in 3days! I am so excited....

I have my consultation in 3days! I am so excited. I have never liked my nose. When I was 16 I had gotten rhinoplasty before but this surgeon did it for free while getting devated septum fixed. I figured nose job meant = perfect nose. I never really said anything I wanted or expected.. He was doing it for free aswell.. I had a big nose over all.. So basically all he did was shave down some bone on the bridge of my nose.. And I've been left with this big tip ! I mean it is way better than before but.. I'm so happy and excited now to be going to a new surgeon whom I can say what I want! How long does it take from your consultation to have your surgery? Anyone know.

Nose vs dream nose.. Possible?

This girl has had a nose job so it gives me hope. Loves hers it's so cute and small!
You're very pretty. Wish you the best result.
This girl on your photo wish list went to my nose dr. She's on the website. You should go to him if that's what you want. Dr Ghavami. He's the best.
I really wish! I live in Canada, b.c. Thanks though.

Plastic surgery simulator pics.. Are my desired results possible ?

Since I was probably grade 4 I have been so self conscious of my nose.. Making me so shy and insecure growing up. Hating myself. Destroying any picture I had from an undesirable angle. When I was just about 17 I had a nose job .. It was free this surgeon was very kind and retiring soon plus I had a dievated septum. All he did though was take some bone from the bridge of my nose.. I'm not even sure what he did as I have no pictures from before to compare to. These last 2 years I've changed a lot and been able to be more confident. But still my nose is often on my mind. I feel it does not go with my face.. It would not go with any face. It is weird and random and some type of surgical mistake.. Maybe an emergency came up and he didn't actually finish my nose as he had hoped.. Or maybe his specialty was not rhinoplasty.. I am so happy and feel so lucky to have this done again.. Paying this time going to who I think if the best rhinoplasty Surgeon in Vancouver by tons of internet researching and before and after pictures. I'm not addicted to plastic surgery I just want a nice portionable face without ever thinking of my nose again! So anyways I've been playing on this app you out a picture in and play with your nose .. Anyone think these results are possible.. Not even sure what I want.. No expert at this app.. But I think these are some decent noses.
could you post some more pictures of the whole face? I don't see anything wrong with the nose :O Be careful! You look very beautiful.
You read this Dr rewiews? Be carefully nose job its hardest surgery...
His before and after pics verses others in British Columbia I think he is the best for me. Where are you from?


He said he would have to take some cartilage out of my ear :o
I am so eager to get this done..
I hate this nose so much!!!!
I can't wait to put down 50% and confirm the date of my surgery!!!
He would do open rhino. Thin out the left and right sides of the bridge.. Majorly fix this tip and make it higher not hanging there like it doesn't belong.
Feel like my insecurities from my nose hold me back so much in life!!
I'd strongly advise you against the surgery. Your nose is already very beautiful. You will mess up with the dimensions of your very attractive face. For instance; if your tip is fixed higher, the distance between your nose and lips will appear bigger and less attractive. To overcome that, you could do a lip lift but then you could end up with a gummy smile and too much tooth show. Then your chin could appear too large too. Moreover, it is extremely difficult to achieve perfection with plastic surgery. There is a big chance you won't be satisifed. Plastic surgery works very well for extreme deviations, not for making something that is already beautiful more beautiful. There are too many parameters that also a plastic surgeon cannot predict. I have had multiple procedures and have done tons of research over the years (I am also older than you), so I know where I'm talking about. It could work out very well but it could work out badly too. I hope you'll make the right decision and your results will be satisfying.
I am going to message you something that will help, don't want to post it on here.

More wish pics

I went for my consultation for ba and rhino but decided just to go with rhino for now.. Waiting on email to let me know soonest surgery dates!
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

Does anyone know anything about his work? He has a few good before and after pictures on his site but not many.

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