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I begged my Dr to inject me under my eyes. I had...

I begged my Dr to inject me under my eyes. I had hollow circles. He said no way . I said it will be fine. He did it under one eye only. I bruised for 2 or 3 weeks. it last about 8 mos. when I work out botox juverderm fade faster. I did the same eye 1 yr later. something was wrong immediately. i was swollen & bruised for 6 weeks!. I could see a slight dark circle 6 mos and 1yr later. 2 yrs later the Dr look at my chart & said lets inject it. He did my eye look better instantly. If I wanted it to stay in it wouldn't have!. Injecting under the eye is a big risk... I'm lucky he didn't hit a blood vessel. I know why he didnt want to do it now.. I had a puffy eye for 2 yrs!..

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my Dr knew what he was doing He said lets wait & see if it go down.. we waited. He knew what was best but he did what I begged him to do... he dint charge me for the other stuff... thank goodness!! I love him!! when i get botox I tell him make me look 25.. di I like 25? he will say 26! lol of course he has a face full of collagen!!

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Well I am thrilled for you that you found a good injector for a reasonable cost.

I do know it can be diluted differently, and that the time frame from when it was mixed & when it was injected apparently plays a part as well. I like the doctor I just had my injections done with (board certified facial plastic surgeon) but of course won't really know for a few months how long it has lasted. At that point I'll re-evaluate & decide if I will go back to him for my next set or try a 3rd injector.

As for the earlier the better...I agree to a certain point. I think at my age (34) its a good time to start because I'm starting to see some of the animated lines stay as static lines...however, I know there are some girls in their 20's doing it as "preventative" and though I support their choice to do whatever they want, I can't help but to cringe a little as it seems pretty unnecessary for most at that age, and a waste of money and exposure to possible risks. 

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950.00 !! wow! I do know some Drs will dilute it more than others... My DR said I can keep u coming back if I give u a good product..
One Dr. ( wife's is BH housewives) had a 99.00 per area. he had ladies walking out w bubbles( water) 4 to be exact in the shape of a V.
I was there for Radiance, which didn't work from him. he redid it & charged me a total of 750.00! crazy me was trying to find a good place. So I tried the botox. w him... I thought maybe he was better at that.
2 mos later... I could move my fore head!! I moved on I'm happy w my Dr today... I have a file there. lol.......
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the earlier the better w botox. oh & not letting your muscles go completely back.... wink wink.... the muscles wont stand a chance,,,, lol
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Oh my goodness, a puffy eye for 2 years?! Eek. It sounds like it has cleared up for you know, is that right?

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yep, when i pointed it out... people would say oh yea! I see it..... the strange thing is my body didn't break it down. I wish my body would hold botox for 2 yrs! .
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I'm with you on the wish to have botox last longer...of course those with poorly done injections certainly would be in disagreement though. Its both a pro & a con that it doesn't last long.

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I tried 99.00 per site injections... they didn't last 3 mos.
My Dr botox last at least 6 mos..... I dont get a lot.
BUT I've gotten botox over 10 yrs! lol I dont let the forehead wrinkles. get strong. I keep my botox habit under 500.00 per yr. start early girls!!!
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Wow, 6 months, that is a great length of time for Botox to last. This is only my second time being injected, but for me & it seems like many others, Botox only lasts 3-4 months.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by 99.00 per site injection. Do you mean you paid $99 per area, or??

$500 a year is great. Unless I find a better way (which I would love to of course!) its looking like I am at about $900 a year, ugh!

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