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I'm a 70 y.o. male who had a brow lift some 8...

I'm a 70 y.o. male who had a brow lift some 8 years ago to erase what I considered to be a perpetual glower caused by sagging eyelids. There was a bit of pain involved and for awhile I looked as if I'd been in a hatchet fight without a hatchet but things rather quickly settled down. Nowadays, though I can't tell a lot of difference in my appearance, my thoroughly perceptive wife insists the surgery made a substantial improvement. Only problem is that I've had chronic severe itching on my scalp and forehead sometimes accompanied by temporary bumps. And too, my scalp often feels strange; as if there's a disconnect in my nerves caused by the severing of those nerves during the procedure. All in all, though, the itching is manageable as long as I can scratch it though I'd be in a world of discomfort were I without fingers.
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I'm sorry you were left with an itchy scalp after your brow lift. I think an itchy scalp is so incredibly uncomfortable! Here's what some doctors say about itching after a brow lift (it's definitely a known risk).

Was yours an endotine lift?

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