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So Excited to Finally Have my Boobies Back! - Vacaville, CA

So here's my story. I am 32 yrs old, 5'6, 170....

So here's my story. I am 32 yrs old, 5'6, 170. I'll start off by saying I have always had lots of boob! I started to develop in 1st grade and blossomed to a 36DD very quickly. In 2005, I decided I had enough and had a breast reduction, which was good at the time but 7 years later my boobs have deflated greatly. My husband of 10 years has been so supportive but secretly mourns the lose of the girls! After my reduction, I was a full C, but after 2 kids and weight fluctuations I am now a very sad B. So I went to schedule an appointment and discussed my concerns with my PS. He was very straight forward and told me the good/bad and ugly! He told me I would get the best results with a lollipop lift with silicon implants. Since I already have scars from my reduction, I am not really worried about that, i have more concerned about the implants and how they will look! i am still struggling over the size, originally opted for the 300Cc's but have been reconsidering after reading some of the posts on here. I sure don't want to pay $10,000 just to be disappointed that i didn't go big enough! So I'm scheduled for my procedure in less than 2 weeks and am starting to get nervous, I even have nightmares of mangled boobies! This blog has been so helpfully so I have decided that maybe my story can help someone too.


I'm glad RealSelf has been helpful to you, and I'm sure your stories will benefit others, too! 

Have you checked out this list of supplies to consider for your recovery?

I hope you'll keep us updated throughout your journey! I hope you LOVE your results.

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