5 Weeks Post Op, Not Happy So Far -Utah, UT

I am 5 weeks post op from BA & lolli pop lift...

I am 5 weeks post op from BA & lolli pop lift ,700 cc right & 750 cc left. I know and expected it to take longer for my larger implants to drop and for my muscles to relax - however between 1 - 5 weeks the only difference i have noticed is the tightness easing from my swelling going down and only relaxing downwards a tiny bit. I've been doing the massages like crazy and the implants are still so, so high..I know it can take months for them to drop but I thought they would have at least STARTED dropping by now.?? Has anyone out there gone or is anyone going through the same thing with their larger implants? How long did yours take to at least start dropping? Did you need a revision? Are they just placed too high? Stats: 25 yrs old , 5"10, 150lbs, pre BA cup size- empty D cup.

I'm here with ya, I'm 4 weeks post op, still high and boxy too, I got 600 silicone. I'm not supposed to wear anything, since surgery just cami tank tops. They are getting softer . Thinking bc I did a lot of weights and chest excersise in months leading to ba. , plus I didn't have any existing breast tissue. Be patient. 3-6 mo is the time frame I'm told
How are they doing?

Congratulations! How are you doing this week? Any more dropping the past 2 weeks? Have you touched base with your doctor lately? Take care and send us an update!

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