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I will be having my Tummy tuck done on March 15th....

I will be having my Tummy tuck done on March 15th. I have been waiting this for many years after losing weight and 3 children.
I have some questions and concerns about aftercare. There is a possibility that I will not have someone to care for me for the two week post-op. Can you give me hints as to what I can be prepared for and how best to prepare for those two weeks. I will not have the kids, so it will be just me. I may have someone that can check on me periodically.

Looking for a Dr in the Pa area that will do a...

Looking for a Dr in the Pa area that will do a Fluer de lis tummy tuck
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I'm having a full TT with abdominal repair and breast augmentation. I have posted some pictures on what my tummy/boobs look like now. You can click on my name and pop over to my review if you want to see. I have a ton of extra skin and slight separation of my abdominal muscles...my first pregnancy stretched me out really good!! No amount of exersize will correct my saggy belly:)
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I'm having mine done on the 15th too! Since I haven't had it yet I can't give you any advice from real experience but I have talked to several women about it and I've heard some great tips.
Kimmers25 has a tummy tuck survival guide that is fantastic. I don't know how to post the link but if you type it in the search space you will find it. She is an awesome person to ask any question too.
I was told by kimmers and another friend that renting a hospital bed is a great idea. Especially if you don't have someone to help you up. Also a grabber to pick things up off the floor. You might want to make sure you have mini prepared meals for yourself too. It will be hard to stand for a long time in the kitchen I'm sure. Another thing is have all your meds by your side for easy reach....especially pain meds!! :)
I wish you all the luck and I know both of us will be super happy with our results!!
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Thank you. We will have to keep in touch through our journey. Are you having a mini, full? I am having a fleur de lis tt
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