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I had my BR done yesterday. I'm still all...

I had my BR done yesterday. I'm still all bandaged up and I haven't got to see the results yet but I have very little pain and can't wait to see them on Monday. I had very pendulous cup size double G breasts. I can already feel the relief of the weight on my shoulders. My surgery took ten hours. Well I'm getting tired but I just wanted to say that I feel remarkably good and can't wait to see them.

At two weeks out, I can imagine you'd still be feeling sore and wiped out pretty quickly. Do you still have your surgical tape on? Or did that come off? I'm glad you're finding this worth it. I can't imagine you wouldn't. What a relief!

It has been almost 2 weeks now. I am thrilled with my results! However, I am still pretty uncomfortable. I am kind of frustrated because I feel like I have a pretty high pain tolerance and I am feeling like a wimp. What is typical as far as feeling like you can be upright for an extended period of time? After a couple hours I am pretty sore. Also, I was wondering how long after surgery do most people have surgical tape on their incisions? Anyways aside from the complaining I can tell you this was SOOO worth it!

Congratulations!  I know you will be so happy with the smaller breasts.
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