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I had average length lashes prior to lastisse,...

I had average length lashes prior to lastisse, aprox double the length of my lower lashes. I only used Latisse for 4-6 months. Loved them, however I stopped. I got tired of the routine and dark eyes (I'm fair complected). I expected my lashes to go back to normal. THEY DID NOT. THEY ARE NOW STUBS BARELY THE SAME LENGTH AS MY LOWER LASHES! Be very careful with this product!!! If I knew the truth of how they would look in the long run, I would have loved my natural lashes to begin with.


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Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. How long has it been since you stopped using Latisse? From what I understand Latisse extends the growth cycle of the lashes, allowing them to grow longer, then when you stop they all kind of come to the end of their growth cycle and come out. Hopefully they will regrow back to how they were originally given some time (fingers crossed!!).

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