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Just Keeping All I Find in One Place (Organized) - Dominican Republic, DO

I am beginning my research and waited to do a...

I am beginning my research and waited to do a review. I have decided how I wish to use the site. I decided I will type what I find on other sites that I need to remember and help me to organize along the way.

1. So far I have learned that the garment is medically necessary and may be require to be worn on some patients longer than others. (based on swelling and fluid retention). The longer the garment is worn the better the healing process.

2. A heart shaped bottom (i am seeking) is created by the surgeon inserting fat aggressively to the bottom of the bum bum. (softer look than a donkey bum bum without hips).. I am over 45 wish to look sexy for my age not freakish in a boardroom or teaching a class. Your professional as well as personal wishes should be considered for how much of a bottom you want. An big ass may keep you out of the board room or too dramatic in a uniform or teaching students at a blackboard.
3. The faster the surgeon or the less time (hours) you are under the safer you are with regards to blood clots and embolisms.
4. Walking immediately after surgery promotes safer healing.
5. Begin taking vitamins immediately upon learning you are even considering surgery.
6. Look for a garment that allows the skin to breath. (not all garments allow the skin to breath).
7. Compression socks worn immediately after surgery or during if allowed
8. Inform a medical doc of your plans and find out if you return with minor problems will he/she work on you. Include a dermatologist as a safe bet too.
9. Sign in at the US Embassy if going out of the country.
10. Pay the extra money and expedite your passport (never too early)
11. Hire a nurse during to be there for you as you are about to go under and during your 1st 48 to 72 hours.
12. Have a printout of all your contacts in the event you lose your cell phone.
13. Make an account on amazon and as you find things you wish to buy or need add them to your wish list.(very helpful for me).
14. Include all numbers you find on realself.com for drivers and nurses etc in your contact list for emergencies.
15. Don't unload bag in hospital, your room may change. (have someone to hold your things), bring a pillow and blanket (hear of being cold and no pillow).

This will help me as I continue on this journey

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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I also changed a toilet seat to a soft cushioned one. Make sure u have lots o pillows and get a mini Boppy pillow for when you can sit (Babies R Us).
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Everything sound about right.. these are great tips!
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Thanks coca I just have to stay on top of it.
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Welcome and congratulations !! Great organizational skills reminds me of myself! Take ur time! Visit my journal great tips! I reccommend upscale opening JAN 15th 2014 by NJRPBEAUTY PM her she is one of your RS sisterS!
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