Looking to Have the BBL and Hope to Find a Friend on Here to Have It Done the Same Time As Me!

I have the money for the BBL but I haven't chosen...

I have the money for the BBL but I haven't chosen where to go yet. I am in Chicago and haven't seen any plastic surgeons locally that I'm happy with, so I am willing to travel and actually want to. I am not telling my friends or family I am having it done, so I want to find someone in a similar situation. We could research and decide on the best doctor, then make traveling arrangements and have the surgeries hopefully on the same day or close to it. Then we can take care of each other.

I'm not completely sure how this forum works since I just signed up.

I really hope I find one of you to go through this with!


Who do you look at in Chicago? The reason why I ask is because I'm thinking about getting it done and the doctor I'm in touch with now is in Chicago. I am in stl and haven't had a consultation with him yet.
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Hey, I am planning to call Dr. Weiner in the Chicago area by Monday. I will let you know how the consultation goes. What Dr. are you in touch with if you don't mind me asking?

So originally I was only looking to get it done...

So originally I was only looking to get it done somewhere else, but so far I like what I see about Dr. Weiner. Also I have read about the difficulties traveling home on a plane etc. and I'd just rather be comfortable at home. So I will update and add pics soon after my consultation.


Dr. Stein is the one I have been looking at so far. Have you heard anything about him? Yes please keep me updated.
I just googled "Dr. Stein chicago" and you should too because some bad reviews came up on ratemds. I will keep you updated, have a good weekend!
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