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A Lot of $ - Only a Little Satisfaction - Vestal, NY

I had 8 laser treatments (including one try of...

I had 8 laser treatments (including one try of R20) at a dermatologist in Rochester NY at $275 per session for tattoo removal on my foot. He retired so now I am going to a laser center in Vestal NY. I have had 3 sessions with her so far. The black disappeared probably 3 sessions in at the Rochester doctor. Since then the process has been slow and very painful. I have a high pain tolerance (especially when it comes to something I want gone as desperately as this tattoo) however I find that it is getting to the point where I want to give up. I think each time I feel the pain I am reminded of how much this tattoo has cost me (financially, physically and emotionally). I am in over $3000 if I add it up and ---to me - it doesn't even look half way gone. The blues and greens are very much still there. I prepaid for another 2 visits. After that I can't justify spending more money but I do not want this tattoo on me. So I am not sure what I will do.
Thank you for sharing your experience with the community, do you have any photos you are comfortable sharing with us?
Hey! Look at my treatment photos with laser q-switch SINON, have you tried it? My blue has responded great in just one treatment ;) And also green in some spots are progresing to be lighter and even I must say yellow! ;O
Hi there! I've been doing the Picosure laser for two treatments. It has completely removed the blue in one part of a tattoo, and also removed a lot of green in one treatment. I would definitely look into it! Good luck!
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