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Double Dissapointment with Radiesse - NY

I used a physicians assistant the first time I got...

I used a physicians assistant the first time I got Radiesse to reduce jowl and fine lines around my mouth, the physicians assistant insisted injecting the cheek area would work better for fine lines around my mouth, turns out it was a big dissapointment. I used the physicians assistant to save a lousy $85 bucks, I wanted to cry because the result was nothing at all I felt so ripped off that I called him back and was told for another $600 juverderm would then give me the result I was looking for, at that time I couldn't afford to spend more money. Second time around I paid $450 and had it done by a plastic surgeon who injected the Radiesse directly into the jowl lines, I thought wow what a deal compared to the first Radiesse injections, the result was dissapointment again, no noticeable improvement at all. Ripped off is all I feel about this product.

The plastic surgeon thought his injections came out well, I saw no visible diffrence at all but I guess I got what I paid for. Next time I will not be talked about using Juvederm and hope for the best.

Keep us posted if you try something else, and how it works for you - would be very interested to hear!


Wow, after 2 tries with different fillers & different injectors I can see why you would be disappointed in not seeing results! From what you mentioned it sounds like the Physicians Assistant thought you needed more of the filler. Did the plastic surgeon mention this too, or did they think there was enough change?

Physicians Assistant & Plastic Surgeon

In my opinion it was a waste of money.

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