Not So Sure Yet - Upper Marlboro, MD

I was really excited to start with the trays. Was...

I was really excited to start with the trays. Was NOT expecting the "buttons" and filing though. I hate the "buttons"! they scratch the inside of my mouth when the trays are out and it looks like some nasty build up on my teeth. My bite is totally off now. I can't really chew foods so I feel like I'm almost mashing food against the roof of my mouth with my tongue and then swallowing. My dentist didn't go over much with me. I saw from looking at my next set of trays that I will have 10 trays which is about 5 months of treatment. I'm very nervous about my results becuase my dentist never showed me the animations of what my results should look like. I'm now nervous about my tooth enamel where the buttons are. I jsut don't know. I hope my bite is fixed and the tiny spaces I have get closed. We'll see....

I'm glad you are on here. I hope that reading the reviews of other community members, and chatting with them helps give you some reassurance.

Have you asked your dentist to see the Clincheck (little video that shows the teeth movement/treatment plan)? I would encourage you to ask them. I wouldn't be surprised if they could even email it to you.

Keep us posted on how you are doing!

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