Upper Eyelid Bleph - Glad I Did It

I had droopy upper eyelid as age catches up and it...

I had droopy upper eyelid as age catches up and it runs in the family.  The thought of doing bleph was so scary at first.  I did lots of internet research and thanks to all reviewers in RealSelf, in a way you guys helped me make this decision.

I finally did it on Jan 09 2009.  It was so painless that I didn't take any medication at all after the procedure.  The first 2 days I had swelling in my upper eyelid but on 3rd to 8th day, the swelling went down to my lower lids and cheeks.  It swelled & bruised so much that it was almost level with my nose.  On top of that my left eye turned out smaller than the right.  At this point I got very nervous and worried if this would be a permanent look. 

However, after about 2 weeks the bruises and swelling subsided almost completely.  Now it's more than one month.  I look completely different, so much younger and it boosted my self confidence.  It was the best $2800.00 I've spent on myself.  I wished I had done it earlier.


This will be my second time having top and bottom of my eyes done. My physician is well qualified but I just don't want to look like Joan Rivers. Her eyes are just slites. I haven't put the cash down yet because I am scared.
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Would you recommend your doctor? I live in the area and would LOVE to find someone trustworthy nearby.
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probably it would have helped if I used icepack, but anyway I had no pain at all except for the dryness. My eyes are pretty much the same size now but the doctor said it'll take about 6 mths to be completely healed. I'm glad everything turned out fine cos the research I did was mainly thru this site only. I went to one doctor only and within 15mins, I made my decision to go for it. Thinking back, it's pretty daring because I didn't even research the doctor's background. I chose him because he was the nearest to where I lived
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