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I started gaining weight back when I was 14, the...

I started gaining weight back when I was 14, the highest I ever weighed was around 2012 and I'm 5'10" I'm now down to 155-60 range and I look healthy but I have a bit of loose skin or fat near the tummy and it hangs a little but it's something I been struggling with for a while. I work out daily maybe not as hard as I should and don't take any supplements because I feel it would screw up my body however I'm still looking into surgery just scared at how much haha but it would honestly be well worth it. I'll post some pictures later.
I made the same decision you are going through now. My souvenir from being overweight was extra loose skin on my gut that I thought was fat that could disappear with diet, exercise, or liposuction. Thus was not the case. You can read my story and see pictures. I am one year post op now and have NO REGRETS. In fact i just set an appointment with Dr. John L. Williams to address the extrtan sagging over my butt.
Good luck with your decision!!!

so I decided to take some pictures

i made a typo

212** omg i wrote 2012
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