Unsatisfied with Botox

I had botox done for a year and a half. When I...

I had botox done for a year and a half. When I received the injections I was very prompt to get them done every 2 1/2 to 3 months. After using it for a while I realized I was not looking like myself with the botox, so I quit getting the injections. It has now been seven months since my last injection, I still don't think that I look like my old self yet.

During the time that I had the injections, the lift it created seemed to hollow out my eyes around the eyeball, I did not like the way that looked and I actually thought that even though my forehead appeared smoother, because of the hollowing out effect around my eyes, I thought it made my eyes look older. Now my muscles have atrophied and I still don"t look like myself yet. My eyebrows seem lower than they were before the injections. My eyes still look hollowed out and do not look the same.

Even though I have regained a lot of movement it still seems as though there is botox left in my face still.

are you recovered?
Hi Nndoll - I have read your question to the doctors and their replies. While I understand how botox works, I too do not think that everything will just go back to how it was three months after injections. I see it like having a broken leg in a cast for three months. When the cast comes off it is always skinnier than the other leg because the muscles have not been used for so long. It takes time before the muscles in the leg that was broken build up again until to make them even. I suspect this is the same for the muscles of the face (regardless of what the doctors say). I had a terrible botox disaster three weeks ago (read my review) and I know that it will be a long time before I have any muscle movement at all. I too wanted to know what I could do to speed up the muscle recovery process for unwanted botox results. My face has dropped completely like I have had a stroke. I am thinking of investing in a Tua Viso to try to stimulate the muscles once they start to re-engage. Have you considered this? Any thoughts?
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