I'm a 35 year old mother of three. My last...

I'm a 35 year old mother of three. My last pregnancy was a set of twins, who were 6 1/2 lbs and almost 8 lbs at birth! 14 lbs of pure baby! I also had preeclampsia with both pregnancies and gained 60 lbs each time from the swelling.

After I had the twins I threw myself into fitness and got in the best shape of my life....except for my belly. It was so frustrating to see results everywhere else, but no changes in the belly! I feel like my belly doesn't match the rest of me. I work so hard to get in shape, but nothing is working on the belly.

I got a consultation about 5 years ago, but was put off by the cost. I told myself I would just learn to live with my squishy belly. I tried, but I have never stopped being self-conscious about it.

But I decided to go for it. I'm very nervous but excited to see the results!

The view from underneath...

Added a picture from underneath when bending over.

So ready to get this over with

I purposely set my tummy tuck date for the summer, so I wouldn't have to deal with driving the kids to and from school. We will just be able to be lazy and relax. But I wish I hadn't made it for so far in the future now! My belly is driving me even more nuts than usual, now that I know it will soon be gone. It feels like some sort of alien appendage. I need it gone! 7 weeks to go!

To keep my mind off it I'm going to try and ramp up the diet and clean eating and try to lose as much as I can before surgery. I had asked the doctor if I should at my consultation and he said I was at a good weight and losing an extra 10 lbs really wouldn't make much of a difference but I figure it can't hurt either

One of my kids snapped a picture of me, unbeknownst to me at the time. I'm so discouraged to see it...usually for pictures I try to hold my abs in as well as I can. In this picture, I wasn't. It's all hanging out. I'm tired of looking 6 months pregnant!

Lost 5 lbs! Updated "before" photos

I've lost about 5 lbs in the last couple of weeks, which I'm really happy about! I am currently 170 lbs at 5'7". I took a few more before pics because I know I will regret not having more before pics to compare with once I have my after pics.

This bikini is a miracle worker. It really hides my "overhang" area well. I feel like I'm so used to trying to cover that area that having a scar there will not be that big of a deal.

Adding a few more before pics so I can compare later

I love these jeans so much but do not love the muffin top. Took these so I can compare after surgery

Before side

Getting so nervous! Less than two weeks to go!

I am terrified. On one hand I'm excited but the other hand is freaking out big time. It's been paid for so all there is to do left is wait.

I also wanted to add another couple of horrifyingly disgusting photos, so I can look at them on those post op days when I wonder whether or not it was worth it. These are taken while sitting in the drivers seat. This is the position where I am so aware of my guys spilling over into my lap. Not just for looks reasons but it literally feels like my organs are just kind of out there.

Today was the day!

I made it!

I slept pretty good last night and I was fairly calm this morning before going in. It honestly didn't even feel real, since I had been thinking about doing it for so long.

Woke up from surgery in quite a bit of pain. I took a Valium after getting home and that helped. Resting pretty comfortably, under the circumstances. Definitely feeling groggy and dealing with a headache (due to missing my morning coffee, I think(

I have not peeked at it yet. I was told to take a shower after 24 hours so I will lookthen. I did notice on the car ride home that I could look straight down at my lap, instead of the belly rolls I usually see when seated in a car.

Excited its finally over and I can start the healing process!

Made it through the first night

The pain is a lot less than I expected. I guess I had been preparing myself for the worst, so I was surprised if it wasn't as bad. I had all of my kids (including a set of twins) naturally, with no epidural or pain meds so u think I have a pretty good pain tolerance. The immobility I'm feeling right now actually reminds me a lot of being pregnant with the twins

I'm stating on top of the pain meds. I have my drains looped onto my work ID lanyard. It

So excited to take a look today when I shower!

Less than 24 hours later

Took some pics! So happy!

Feeling pretty good!

I slept in my bed last night, instead of the couch and it was so much more comfortable. I had a couple pillows under my head and one under my knees. Woke up rested. I am much less hunched over while walking today.

Day 3, feeling incredible!

I'm feeling so much better than I imagined I would! I slept in my bed last night and woke up surprised to find I had shifted onto my side during the night. And it was a comfy position! I think it helps that I didn't have any liposuction.

I've been up and around pretty well, hardly hunched over at all. I took a shower by myself, no problems.

It does seem strange that people have such different recovery experiences. I knew going in that I have a history of having a high tolerance for pain. But I think it also helps that I have a very strong upper body and lower body. It kind of compensates for the lack ab strength, I think. I lift weights regularly. If you are planning to get a tummy tuck, my advice would be to start lifting serious weights beforehand so you have strength to rely on when you can't rely on your ab strength.

I had a funny observation... I honestly think people who know me are going to think I've been mia because I got a boob job! My boobs look massive! I wear a 34DD but with the belly sticking out, they looked smaller. Now that the spare tire is gone, it's like "oh my god. BOOBS!

Anyway, I'm so pleased with the results so far and any fear I has before about the procedure seems silly now

Holy abdominal definition, Batman!

I teach yoga, pilates, indoor cycling and dance classes. I am also an avid social dancer (salsa and swing) I knew I had some abs under the flab but never saw them until today. I'm so psyched!

Can't believe this is my body

I'm feeling awesome today. Off the painkillers and full of energy. Forcing myself to rest, but I did get up and do a little fashion show for myself. So amazed with the difference. I have NEVER had a flat belly, let alone a belly with ab definition. I was always overweight as a teenager and before I had kids. Always had a belly full of rolls...no more!

Feeling pretty good

One drain is out, hoping to get the other out soon. Loving the results!

One more pic, with incision

It's starting to feel itchy now, which I guess are the nerves coming back to life? Love that it's so low and straight. Hoping to start using silicone scar strips soon

Starting to get frustrated about the inactivity

I still have one drain in, and I am supposed to keep my activity to an absolute minimum until the drainage decreases. All I've done is lay on the couch, go to the bathroom and take a shower everyday. My kids are being good helpers with cleaning and preparing their own lunches and breakfasts (and feeding me)

I am usually a very high activity level person, always on the go, an avid dancer, yoga teacher, lots of exercise, a real adrenaline junkie. The lack of activity is making me feel so depressed and irritable. I don't feel like my normal cheerful self at all. So ready for some movement. Movement is happiness to me.

I also feel like my body is turning to mush. I love lifting weights and feeling muscles all swollen and firm after a good workout. I feel so flabby and weak

But I did order a new bikini and it lifted my spirits to myself in it. I took pics to remind myself to not get too down on myself about not exercising. I look better than I ever did before and will look even better once I'm on my feet again!

Plugging along

No pain at all at this stage. Not as flexible yet as I am normally, but every day getting a little move movement. I've been doing some very gentle stretches to try to loosen up (I am a yoga teacher so the immobility is driving me crazy but also giving me a good appreciation for the limitations that some of my less flexible students experience, so that's good) I am using silicon strips on the incision.

Experiencing some swelling. One day it was really bad because I had to drive 3 hours home from a funeral. I felt like I was going to explode, and definite had a crazy case of ken doll going on!

I took measurements last night and this morning to see what the swelling is like at the stage. Last night, natural waist was 30, it was 34 around the belly button, and 38 around the hips (incision site) this morning, it was 28.5 around the natural waist, 31 around the belly button, and 36 around the hips. So yeah, definitely some swelling going on throughout the day. I wear the binder 24/7

I used to get asked when I was due all the time...

Hopefully not anymore!

No need to suck in anymore

I got this dress and couldn't believe how thin I looked. There is no way I could have worn this before. I would have been sucking in the whole time and even then, been lumpy.

Three months post

Just thought I'd add some new pics. I'm about three months post tummy tuck. Absolutely no pain or discomfort or bloating at this point. I'm 100% back to my normal workouts. Feeling pretty good!

I've lost about 15-20 lbs since surgery. I have found it so much easier to keep my appetite under control? Not sure if it is due to physical reasons (maybe the muscle tightening decreased the space my abdomen has available for good so I feel full faster?) or chemical (aren't some hormones that control appetite stored in belly fat?) or psychological (I'm so happy with my results that I don't want to mess them up by gaining weight?) at any rate, I was wearing usually a size 10 before and wear a size 6 comfortably now.

Very happy with the results! I would do it again in a heartbeat and regret waiting so long and worrying so much. If you are considering it, go for it!
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You look amazing! Fabulous Well done to you!! I am similar in your before pics mom of 2! 167 pounds and 5.7....36DD!!!!I also hope to have surgery in the summer(next) I'd be so delighted if I'd results like yours...wondering about the no Lipo? Was that recommended? I go to a lot of group exercise classes I love working out! And my husband teaches them!!! bonus for me!!!
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Oh my gosh you look crazy good!!! It looks like you lost more than just from your tummy crazy how a TT can do that.And kudos to the recent weight loss, WTG!!!
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You look crazy amazing. I hope i look half as good as you. Hope recovery continues to go well.
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Hi, you look amazing!! You really do. You give me hope that your recovery is going so well. I have been so afraid of the recovery. I noticed that you are in Des Moines. I am also in Des Moines. Your results are so incredible, do you mind sharing your doctor? Thank you so much.
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Look how small you are!!!!!
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LOVE the dress and LOVE your new belly!!!
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Amazing!!!! You look fabulous!!!!
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Wow you look great!!! I'm still swollen, in day 11 PO, did you wear a compression garment? My tummy really hasn't been flat since I came home from surgery so I am disappointed right now... Hope when the swelling goes down I see results! But you look amazing!!
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I wear the binder about 23 hours per day (I take a few breaks) I drink lots of water and eat clean...lots of leafy vegetables (my garden is overflowing with spinach and kale so I eat a lot of it) I think that helps keep the swelling down. The only day I had a lot if swelling was also the only day I ate "bad" food (fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, dinner rolls) at a funeral. I think that meal definitely bloated me up, in addition to the activity
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That's great! Yes I eat healthy also.. Escarole, leafy greens are my favorite.. I only drink water, nothing else.. So I don't know why I have so much swelling :( I wear my binder all the time so.. Hope is subsides! You look fab!
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You make it look so easy!!! You look great!!!! :)
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I was terrified to do it for years! Definitely MUCH easier than I ever imagined
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I love your results! Congrats!
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Oh, and just give it time. I am about 3 weeks post and walking 2 miles a day. :)
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Wow. You look incredible for only 10 days post op! Heck, you just look incredible in general. Congrats and happy healing!
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Thank you! If i had known how easy the recovery would be, I would have done it years ago. I wish I had, instead of hating my belly every time I looked in the mirror for years!
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Oh my gosh. You look amazing! Hot! I am glad you get to wear those bikinis you bought last year, You look like a teenager! :) I hope I get to look as flat as you. I was so tired of being asked everyday "are u pregnant" AHHHHHHHHHHH..I am still swollen but I dont think ill be as flat as u... I had mine May 23 too.
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I got so tired of the are you pregnant questions too. Ugh. Yoga! Yoga will give you great ab definition! I am a yoga teacher so I knew I had nice abs underneath. Seriously, yoga will help and I also lift weights. Now that the belly is gone, I bet you will see definition before you know it.
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Also, I think I would be more swollen but my doctor is very strict about the compression garment. The nurse told me to put on as tight as I could and still be able to breathe. I've been having my husband pull it really tight while I'm sucking in, like Scarlett in gone with the wind! I think that is helping to keep the swelling at bay
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You look amazing!
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Thank you! The results definitely exceeded my expectations!
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Cobgrats!!! You look so good. Looking at your photos you look as if you lost a lot of weight. You great. Keep up the work
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I'm about 13 lbs down from my original pics. I think I lost about 7 lbs before surgery and have lost 6 lbs since surgery
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Congrats! I am a twin mommy and an athletic mom too. My recovery was much like yours. Not too bad. By day 3, I was amazed how good I felt compared to so many other horror stories I read on RS. The doc said being physically strong and having a high pain threshold helps. Also, I didn't have lipo either which I think really hurts to recover from. Anyhow, you look HOT and muscular and deserve to feel and look good! Congrats! Also, try not to freak out if you start swelling a bit soon. As soon as I got up and around and started being more active, the swelling kicked in. But it's normal and it'll go away each night when you sleep and wear your binder. Just drink water and rest in between all your activity. Happy healing!
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I think lipo must be the difference between those who have easier recoveries. From what I've heard, LILO hurts so much! I'm very glad my doctor didn't suggest lupi. I'm so happy with the result. I've still got curves and hips, but that toned, strong look that's been eluding me.
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