Can I Get It Back in Maryland? Tummy tuck, reduction, and Lipo to the flanks

Can I get it back? My body back? I am 32 with...

Can I get it back? My body back? I am 32 with three kids all born via c -section. I dislike my body and decided to do something about it. After months of research and getting approved. ...I am strongly thinking about a tummy tuck, breast reduction, and Lipo of the flanks. I am about to contact a few doctors for appointments and see which one I will trust to do this for me. Wish me luck!
Luck luck luck! :) Here's a list of questions to ask at consultations. Please let us know how they go!
Thank you!

appointment tomorrow

I am meeting with a doctor that I meant year for hopefully my final consult before I make the big decision. My husband and I wrote down a ton of questions and I am excited and nervous all at once. I hope I do not get on the staff's nerves lol

Date set and freaking out!

After meeting with 5 Doctors I decided to book with Dr. Lickstein. My date is set for May 23, 2014. I have paid the doctors and just waiting on the day.
Prayers up. Congrats on coding your dr and song the date. Now the fun part begins, anticipating the big day. It will b here before you know it.
Ok, we're gonna try this again lol Prayers up. Congrats on choosing your doctor and setting the date. Now the fun part begins, anticipating the big day. It will be here before you know it.
lol SoLovely Kerry I was dying when I read the first post above. 4betterme good luck and please keep us posted


Here are some photos of what I deal with.
I am having a tt, lift and flank lipo on the 23rd also. Very nervous!
Good luck! I am extremely nervous, scared, and some more right now lol
My date is May 23. I am having BBL, lipo and TT


So D DAY is only days away. I am so scared and nervous right now it's ridiculous. I am sleeping which is a good thing. I have gone to the stOre but feel like I am missing a lot of stuff. I will update soon with my list of stuff, photos, and what I'm doing to prepare for surgery.

Pills..... Pills. .....PILLS!!!!!!!

Sooooooo, I am taking 15 pills per day right now. I am doing the VitaMedica Clinical Support which include a morning and evening formula ( 3 pills per day per formula with food), Bromelain with Quercetin ( 2 pills three times per day on an empty stomach), and Colace (2-3 pills per day).

Then on Thursday night I have to put on a transderm patch and take 1 anxiety pill.

Finally after surgery I have hydrocodon and promethazine for pain, clindamycin, and arnica. NOW that's on top of what I'm currently taking. Smh. Did I mention I do not like taking pills! !!!!! Help :'(
You are going to be so pleased with your BR! I am thrilled that I can brush my teeth and rinse my mouth without my boobies hitting the sink! It is the small stuff that makes me smile, lol
Hahaha. I do not like how they sit on the table. Well, at least I feel like they do lol

current thoughts

What if I do not like the results? Still feel fat? Boobs come out too small? Too big? He not aggressive enough? I can't handle the pain? I regret not buying a recliner? Lose sensation in my nipples?
Oh- and your aren't alone in no recliner. Lots of pillows will be my friend.
These last two days will fly I am sure! Does your dr having you washing with antiseptic wash? Mine does. He didn't give me anything for anxiety.
I am washing with dial soap. I may not take the anxiety pill. We shall see. Do you have anything for to avoid being nauseous?


I was also in freak out mode. I almost walked out of the room when the nurse came at me with the IV. Best advice, stay on your pain meds religiously. DO NOT try to be superhero and do too much at once. Your body will need tome to rest. get yourself some mindless magazines or movies to pass the time... here are some other hints: HELPFUL HINTS for those of you going in for surgery: 1. use a thick pillow for laughing/coughing. hold it firm against your stomach. 2. I used the handle of a cane to left my legs up into bed the first few days. Just hooked it around my foot and lifted it up while the abs are on "vacation". 3. A reacher, long handled shoe horn, dressing stick and sock aid may come in handy, especially if your pain levels are high and you haven't a lot of help. (or like me, are too dang stubborn to ask for help) You can get a "hip kit" at most hospitals and some pharmacies... good tools to have and you can pass them on when you are done. 4. If you are going into surgery weak already, toilet rails or temporary grab bars might help. My arms and legs are pretty tough from working out, and had I not had those, getting on and off the toilet would have really been more effort. You really underestimate all the things your abdominal muscles help you do. :) 5. keep a log of your meds (what you are taking, doses and times ) if no one is helping you... even if you do have help, it helps keeps things straight, and if there us an emergency, this is a list to have. you can also document your pain levels and then you know when weaning off meds is working or not. 6. prepare a few meals for the freezer. It's been easy to pull stuff out of the freezer and pop into the oven or crock pot with minimal effort. 7. Rest. Really. Please listen to the restrictions of your doc, and your body. 8. Water. Lots of it. and don't forget the stool softeners. pain meds = rock turds = no fun with no abs. If you need to vent or worry, the community is here. If you have questions/concerns, just ask. Best of luck tomorrow, and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers!
Thanks for the reminders. I am going in tomorrow.
Thank you! I took your advice and keeping a log of everything. My husband is here with me till next Monday but I am still trying to take it easy while walking a few times a day. I think I started to shred a tear when they moved me into a personal room to meet the doctor, get my marks up, and head to OR. It just seemed so surreal. I was telling myself I didn't need the surgery.

AND. .... I'm off

Doctors just called and told me to come on because he is ready. I actually looked in the mirror and thought, "I don't look bad. I'm hiding it well! What's wrong with my boobs. ..." smh. I guess as they say, "see you on the flat side! !!"

it's over. .... its begins

Surgery went well and now the healing begins. The doctor was very pleased with the results. I'm a little looosy so i will blog later

Thus far. .... not worth it

I feel my boobs are too small. My stomach looks a mess and I better off before. I'm not flat. What happened to the freaking flat side? !


I just came came from my follow up appointment with the nurse. I don't want the nurse. I want the doctor. I paid for his services. My insurance is paying for him. Why did I get this done? My boobs are too small and my stomach look like fat flabby rail road track. I swear it looks worse! !!! I didn't all this money on this? !
As I've seen on here& watching my mom have this surg done years ago healing can take several weeks. You are still early in this... It's not uncommon for bruises to come out days after surgery. Your body has went through trauma. I'm getting mine done tomorrow so I'm sure I'll be saying the same things as you Just remember it will take time:) N pleads remind me too when I'm saying the same stuff :)
I will try to remind you :-) I just feel the the doctors office should have at least had me see my dang on doctor and not just a nurse. They know what we go through lol. But seriously my stomach looks a hot mess!

hours before surgery

follow up visit continued.

The check in was effortless and the ladies at the desk are extremely nice. The doctor office has plenty of water, coffee, and tea which is always a plus. We forgot some documents so my husband left me and went back to gather the papers. Within a couple of minutes the nurse called me back. She didn't even remember me from less than two weeks ago smh. The appointment consistent of her looking at my boobs, tummy, and telling me to discard my Lipo foams by day seven. She also told me after my next visit I should be ready for a different bra. I asked her about my cg as I was measured for it weeks ago. Not sure what's the deal with that but I thought I already paid for a cg and if this cheap white thing I have is it. ..... that's crazy! I had these after my c section. Again, I would have loved to see the doctor and not a nurse. I told them before I booked that I'm not the one for a nurse only.

One full week. 7 days post op thoughts

Hmmmm where do I begin. .....

1. The things that were a must - pain pills and all prescriptions prior to surgery, wedge pillows from bed bath and beyond, buckets, sponge/wash clothes, stool softer, extra strength Tylenol, slippers/no skid socks and got me earrings and lip gloss.

2. Things for hospital - pillow (even though I took a pillow from hospital) to ride with and take pressure off the seat belt, all medicines so they can record them, hair bonnets/scarf or whatever you need, button up shirt and an easy pull on bottom.

3. Things you should do prior to leaving hospital - make sure your oral meds are sufficient for pain without a lot of side effects and go over medicine schedule with a nurse or your doctor.

4.Things not to do - Rush your recovery, miss your meds, look at body too soon. Lucky my husband stayed home with me and made sure I did not miss my meds and allowed me to rest. DO NOT complain too much to your spouse. I made him feel down because I full of negativity.

5. Lessons learned - As stated above. Try to say something positive. Others around you can be effected if you are full of negativity. Find something good to say. Remember to write down your drain out put. My husband forgot a couple of times. Lastly,within a week get out of the house. I mean walk to mail box, ride to the stOre, just do something. Fresh air and the outdoor makes yOu feel better.

1 week photos

I had mixed emotions about my post op body. I fell my boobs are so small and my stomach is a mess. However, as ppl in the May 2014 tummy tuck group and my husband told me. ...... maybe because I'm use to G cups they seem small.

I had a lot of stretch marks so I'm coming around
I agree! I think you look great! I am a no boober so think yours look wonderful! I am certainly an A cup but I am ok with that!!! I didn't have them "done". Just the tummy. I have not looked at my tummy much either. I a super duper trying to stay positive. My hubs has been a wonderful support as well as my mom and my friends. Today is day 5 for me. I am taking your advice and am going to take kids to part today :)
Yeah! I hope fresh air did you some good. YOur boobs look fine for your body type.
I certainly think you look great and will love the results once ur body is fully healed. To me your boobs look great! Way better than before. you can get alway consider implants if you're still unhappy with the size after a year.

husband due to for work so of course the pain increased right! ?!

I am sleeping in my bed with two wedge pillows and some regular pillows. Getting out of bed in the morning is comical. I look like a beetle on its back lol. Therefore, I'm nervous about my husband leaving tomorrow. I often get too comfOrtable on the sofa or snooze off and can't get back. Then. .....

My drain site is a bother. They are placed in my groan and bother me when they tug or get pulled. I felt something stinking and realizes they are oozing and the stitch is pulled almost out. I phoned the doctor and he gave me two choices; 1. Pull them out and keep my regular scheduled appointment for this week or 2. Tape them, remain as still as possible, and see him on Tuesday. We decided on the latter.

And then there is Monday
Good luck today! Thinking about you :-)
Thanks lady! ! It didn't hurt and I feel free lol. My worried about my navel and lack up help from my doctors office.
You look great

2nd post op visit was yesterday, June 3rd

I was originally scheduled for my second appointment on June 5th. However, My drains started coming out and leaking over the weekend. I called the doctor and he told me to tape them and see him first thing Tuesday morning. So much for that because they didn't bring me in until 3pm. AND I saw another nurse and her assistant. Smh

The wait was not that bad and the nurse was concerned with my belly button because it's black. She tried washing it and decided it was drIed up blood and wants me to keep an eye on it. Did I see the doctor? No. Apparently I won't see him till the end of the month!!!! Oh and AGAIN I was asked what I got done. They thought implants lol. They cut all whiskers that were hanging out, took out my drains, cleaned my navel, and told me to let my TT scar breath. I can now shower 24 hours after the drain removal which did not hurt ( I took two extra strength Tylenol pills before).
You look absolutely wonderful!!! Sometimes we are overly critical of ourselves, so coming from a look great!!!! I wish you happy healing!!
What size did u go with u look amazing
As others have said, you're looking good. Patience is definitely key with the MM or any other surgery.

2 weeks post-op

I am now two weeks post-op! !! The drains are out and showering feels great. Word of advice. ..... have someone close by the first time you shower.

I have been to the mall twice and find driving comfortable. Therefore, I'm not driving yet. Oh and, I'm now off all medication except arnica. I probably should take Tylenol but I don't.

I am still not in love with the new body but I like it. I think my stomach looks weird and my boobs are small. Yes, there is a difference but I'm just not in love. Maybe because I'm swelling? I don't know. Party of me feel that I was flatter after week one. Again, I could just be swelling.

New items of the week/ thoughts

I purchased sport bras from Wal-Mart. They were seven dollars and have seven small hooks in the front. I also purchased assets shape wear from target and khols. I really wish my doctors office provided assistance with this. I would recommend them giving their clients a list of "recommended items to purchase".

Oh and I'm not putting anything on my scars yet. I was told to wait until eveRything heals then start scar therapy. However, I get itchy, skin is peeling, and a bunch of glue is still falling off.
I hear you. I'm not in love with my new tummy yet and keep telling myself to be patient. I am so swollen (more on the left side) and my incision is not hidden by underwear like I thought it would be. I do notice a small difference btw week 1 and 2 in ur pics but it could be swelling like me. I guess we have to be patient :-)
Yes we do! Lol
OMG....what a great result you got! My breasts looked so small I just cried, but after they healed and the skin and tissue softened up, they are bigger. Trust me when I say you look great! Hang in there, it gets better and better.

3 week up date

1 month

can't believe I have not been posting!

Wow! Can't believe I have not been posting. .... I am can to work and miss being home. I think if you can afford it, take four weeks off work. I did three but wish I did four. I was not walking that well and everyone noticed it lol.

What was I thinking? ! I honestly thought no one would notice the work I had done. Yeah I know, stupidity at best lol. I do not openly talk about it but a few people know I had a breast reduction. I barely like talking about it so those close to me know it's a sensitive subject right now.


I saw the doctor a little after four weeks. He was pleasant and seemed pleased with his work. He told me I would get smaller after the swelling goes down and cleared me to swim, lift weights, sleep on my side and go to the gym. He also prescribe sleeping pills because I was not sleeping all night and he believes proper sleep helps you heal. Why am I not sleeping? The freaking Lipo areas. ...ouch! I think I should have also got some 800mg because the Advil was a joke.

He wants to see me in a month.
Want surgery and debated for years. Was it worth it? Any other doctor you would suggest.? Scared but want to start process.
Yes, it is worth it! Are you in Maryland? If anything I recommend a board certified doctor with lots of experience!
i am def doing that. there are just so many to choose from. I am in MD.


So I have noticed that I've become"regular"since my surgery. Not sure if anyone else noticed this but I did. Smh lol.
All I can say is Wow!!! What a transformation :)
Thank you!


Am I getting fat again? ! I think my stomach is getting fat :-(
It is most likely swelling unless you've been eating and drinking too much like I have lately, lol. I guess that's what vacations are for, right?
Oh a vacation sounds nice right about now! Where did you go? Did you wear a bikini or nice swim wear?
Hey lady, don't stress yourself it's most likely the swell hell stages for you. Keep in mind you will experience it from time to time for at least a year. How are your breast healing?

I missed an appointment!

My phone told me the appointment was at 2:30 but oh no I just knew it was 4:30. Well, the time in my phone was accurate and I missed my appointment! Crazy thing is the doctor can not see me until August 19th now. Ugh! I truly messed up.

my two months photos

I think you look very good! From before and after just amazing. Your on the right track and cant wait to see more of your journey
Thank you! Sometimes I feel great and other times. .....I feel fat with small boobs.
If you do comparison pics. You will be like dammmm I look good! And your healthy now, with a successful procedure. Enjoy your new body. You look good.

Well at least my stomach looks good in this dress!

2 months post op and got into an accident! My body is sore and I just want to rest. on the way out if the hospital door, I rubbed my stomach and said "at least my belly looks nice in this dress! "Lol
What type do wedge pillows did you get? I'm foregoing the recliner as well.
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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