15% MUAC Test Patch

15% tca did a test patch 1 layer left on under 2...

15% tca did a test patch 1 layer left on under 2 minutes frosted quickly skin looks red now , day later is still dark will let my skin heel and wait a few days will post the results of the heeling process before I even attempted to put these all over my face I know this is a patch test but don't want to take any risks dose this look normal ?
Good idea with the patch test.  Please post your full and final results when you are done.
hi kim just posted update.
Oh that peeled off very nicely!

Update patch test tca peel 15% MUAC

Update patch test tca peel 15% MUAC , Caucasian I'm 24 have olive skin sun damage from sun beds dark freckles, had ipl for freckles which left pigmentation reason for using tca
Looks great. Everyone has a different reaction, but yours looks very normal. I have noticed for myself and other TCA reviews is that the damaged skin areas with the TCA applied always darkens. You will have to be aware of that when you do your full face. My scars areas always turn a very dark brown, almost as dark as scabs, and then they peel off beautifully revealing great looking skin. Admittedly, part of the dramatic improvement in looks is that the scarred skin turns really dark --- much darker than the original scar/hyperpigmentaion. So when it peels off, the skin beneath looks even more impressive in comparison to that dark scab looking skin lol Anyway, looks like 15% is a perfect strength for you. Good luck and be safe :)
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