Finally Worked Up the Courage for a Review...

Having always hated my nose since in my teens i...

Having always hated my nose since in my teens i decided to have a Rhinoplasty around 20 years ago.

It took me a long time to save the money as i was a single mother at the time and so when i had the (unsuccessful) surgery and was soo very dissapointed with the results i was devastated.

It took me many years to finally work up the courage to once again see a PS to see what could be done.

5 years ago i saw a PS here in Adelaide who showed me a computer image of what i wanted done...(looked fabulous) and then proceeded to tell me he could'nt do it..I was shattered to say the least.

So off i went once again and resumed my life still very unhappy with my nose until a few months ago when i found this incredible site. I am addicted. I have been for an initial consult with my PS who works out of APSA and he seems very confident he CAN do what i am wanting. I'm still struggling to believe it?

I'm having a 2nd consult tomorrow as i just need to hear him say it again and reassure me i guess!

I'm pencilled in for surgery on the 29th of April, and i say pencilled as i still may chicken out lol, this is where i need all of your help and support (pleeease) I will try and upload some selfies i took, bear in mind it is early in the morning and i'm not wearing any makeup at at. The PS says he will do a closed surgery with no bridgework as this part of my nose is ok.He says he will feminise my nose as the tip is long, crooked and pointy and also i am wanting the projection (side on) brought in a bit.
Petrified is an understatement!!


Hi. You're in my prayers today. I hope everything goes well. Please let us know how're doing after your surgery. XoXo
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Good luck with your surgery!! Let me know how you went!!
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Was your first rhino surgery closed or open? How did your nose look before then? I've read every surgeon has their own comfort level on open or close rhino depending on the complexity. My surgeon suggested open because my tip needs more work. Does that make sense? I guess everyone has their own opinion. As long as the results are great that is what matters to me. I am super nervous about my surgery. I feel like chicken out too at times:)
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done and dusted

well i lived to tell the tale, now for the i look like a pig atm, but i know it is swelling so i'm not letting myself get down about it. Just glad it's over... the surgery was a breeze! don't know what i was stressing about lol!


I am happy to read your update. Your nose looks good already. May you have a speedy recovery.
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Hope it turns out as you hoped for!
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Congrats! Looks good!
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days two and three...

OK so i'm feeling quite good today, not wearing the drip pad anymore as just minor discharge, sleeping quite well with my U pillow and still NO pain. Love the cool comfort of Arnica gel, very soothing on face and around nose. Top lip still very swollen and stiff, still worried about whats under this splint? trying not to obsess about though! Starting to be able to breathe a bit through my nose so swelling must be levelling out, very crusty with dry blood though, but too scared to clean it as only internal stitches and scared of dislodging one, plus the nurse specifically said, NO CLEANING, NO WIPING, NO TOUCHING....UNDERSTOOD!!! yep, i got it! I look like a cross between a monkey and a pig right now lol and remember i paid good money to look this way! I know the tip is higher than it will be (whew) as it has tape pulling it up at the moment...Got to be rational about this right! Fools and old women judge things half done, heard that somewhere so i'm using it :)


Hi there! Just checking to see how things are coming along. I hope your results are everything you hoped they would be! :)
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You have a great sense of humor. I know your going to be happy this time.
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Thanks Z xx

Finally, the day is here, cast off day, it's been a long week.

Well here it is, the day i've been waiting for. It's been a long BORING week...i mean you can only watch so much t.v. and sleep right. I'm not feeling happy with the look of my nose so far, it does look too high atm and over-rotated, but hoping that will drop slightly...i'm also very worried about the projection and profile, but whatever the outcome i will have to live with it! I think i am more nervous today than i was on surgery day, but can't wait to come home and have a proper shower and hair wash! So wish me i go...EEEEP


Thanks hun, today is the day!!! i still can't see my top teeth and the gap from my lip to my nose looks huge? I've just got to remember that this is only day 7 (early days yet) and that i am nowhere near normal...hopefully, i am really getting over sleeping on my back though, makes my shoulders ache :( anyway enough whinging and off to APSA. I have'nt been icing a lot a it is sooo cold, brrr.
I cannot wait for your reveal!!! But yes, just be prepared for your nose to be super swollen!! They warn you that the first few weeks can be depressing. Doctors even give you valium to deal with it!! We will all have to be patient which is such a shame!! I am not looking forward to sleeping on my back in the slightest :( hope to see some photos once the cast is removed!! Good luck hun xx

Just got home, feels a bit weird...

Wow, bit of a shock having cast off. Nose is still very swollen but awesome to have it off and be able to very gentle wash my face. Skin on my nose is a bit leather like and my nostrils are still assymetrical but Dr says that will settle down with time. Much straighter and shorter from front view, side view actually seems bigger in projection at tip than previously?? what do you guys think? Anyway at least i can go to the shop now, bruising clearing up nicely. Still got dry blood in my nose but Dr says lots of stitches so leave it be...grrr, annoying

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one more from front at home 2 hours later!


Looks great! Just give it some time and please keep us posted!
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It looks good so far. I think it's still swollen so give it some time. Glad you're all done!
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It looks very nice-- one of the better "Australian results" I have seen on here! Congrats.
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Before and afters...

Still not sure, so for myself decided to do some before and afters, i know the tip stays swollen the longest, i know it's only 9 days from actual surgery, i know i'm being obsessive but i can't seem to focus on anything else at the moment...


Any photos hun? Would LOVE to see what you look like almost 6 months later!! Time FLIES!! I remember when I first joined you were the first ones I followed and read :) xx
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Hey there. Im from adelaide as well. I had my rhino done in march. Ive sent you a private message.
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You look fantastic!
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Dr Tim Edwards

So, i have now been for a second consult with my PS..just to make sure we are on the same page and asked him to tell me what it was that i was wanting, rather than me just telling him again. He opened my pictures on his computer and explained what he would do, it was exactly as i would have said it, so i felt very happy and confirmed my surgery for the 29th April, and received all the relevant paperwork! Yikes! I also asked him what his policy was regarding patients who are not satisfied with their result and he assured me any revision work (better not be) will be done free of his surgery charge. So far so good :)

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