Need Recommendations for Breast Implants Who the Best Doc in Melbourne ..?

Hi I'm looking and researching getting my boobs...

Hi I'm looking and researching getting my boobs done
I'm 168 cm 59 kilos had two babies
lo is 17 months all kids fully breast feed always had very small boobs now I have nothing just saggy skin and nipples
its very depressing for me I do not feel comfortable any more :( my boobs don't fill a bra / so I need to know who is the best boob doctor in Melbourne please !! How many cons should i go to ? and how do you know when your found the rught doctor ..? Please help thank you
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Glad you have found RealSelf! Try to go to 2-3 consults, more if you're not satisfied. Here is a list of important questions to ask during your doctor consults. Keep us posted on your research!
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